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GT25 Special – 25 questions to Göran Fritzon

HALMSTAD – Göran Fritzon

Age: 42.

Family: Jenny; Emma, almost 14; Erik, 11; Victoria, 7; Oscar, three months.

Lives: Villa Tomtebo, Oskarström.

Car(s): ’97 Mercedes E420T, ’97 BMW S23, ’88 230 CE, ’66 MGB Tourer.

Hobbies: Food, movies and diaper changes, that’s all I have time for.

First album you bought?

One of the first was Sweet’s “Desolation Boulevard” (1974).

What record purchase are you most ashamed about?

It’s got to be a record by Michael Bolton…

What is your biggest concert experience?

Springsteen, May 1981, Johanneshov. “The River.”

Which is the best party album before going out?

“Finn 5 fel!”

What instrument would you like to learn how to play?

The piano.

Your best memory from Återtåget?

Many great memories, but one concert that beats most things was Stockholm Stadium.

Your worst memory from Återtåget?

When Per showed up in Lysekil. His back hurt so bad that he couldn’t even stand. We were three millimeters from canceling the show. The hours before that concert were probably the worst.

What’s the best song on “Finn 5 fel!”?

“Tuffa tider.”

What ring signal do you have on your cell phone?

Digirain… some standard signal.

What web sites would you want to promote? and

What household chore do you hate?


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Bear. In Helsinki. 1981, I think.

How many medals will Sweden take in the Olympics?

Ten. One in men’s high jump, one in women’s high jump, men’s triple jump, women’s pole vault, men’s pole vault, diving, table tennis and three more.

Are you afraid of getting old?

No, I know old people that have fun… Per for instance.

Are you superstitious?


Do you believe in God?

Well, in that case he seems to have a lot of time off lately…

Which pet would you like, and why?

A cat. Cats are cool.

Which sport would you have become great in?


Who does the gardening at home?

Everyone in the spring, no one in the fall…

Was it hard to adjust to a “normal life” after Återtåget and how do you think it will work this time?

No. I had lived an ordinary life for quite a few years before that, and after Återtåget I was mostly tired. I took a month of vacation before starting my new company. When the GT25 tour is over I will take some time off, then I have to keep working with Dynamit.

Have you written any songs of your own, and what has happened to them in that case?

I have written one with Per, “Stjärnhimmel,” that Elisabeth Andreasson recorded.

Why did you end up with a Farfisa organ, and what’s so special about it?

It was a coincidence… a happy accident. I wanted a different organ than my Panther and saw an ad in HP, where an old dance band musician was selling his Farfisa and Leslie. I went there with my dad and Anders actually, and I took it immediately. Farfisa is a cheaper and more manageable Hammond alternative for dance bands if you hook it up to a Leslie. But when we hooked it directly to the amp once, it was a totally different sound.

You’ve bought an old house outside of Oskarström. Are you a handyman or are you useless?

I’m pretty handy. Definitely more handy than useless.

What is your favorite spot in the Halmstad area?

Villa Tomtebo?

Tell us something that people in general don’t know about you?

Hmm… There is nothing like that I want to divulge. Although I did win the school NM in cross country in Denmark (1978) with Sannarp’s school.

Translation by Thomas Evensson for TDR

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