Fashion and cosmetics firms offer “Roxette” nail polish, shoes

NEW YORK - What color is Roxette?!?

  According to a U.S. cosmetics firm based in California, Roxette is in the "red" family. As part of their "Wet 'n' Wild" line, Markwins Beauty Products is marketing a shade of nail polish called "Roxette." The shade could perhaps best be described as a raspberry-red (think "Ballad Hits") color.

  Tina Perez, the Wet 'n' Wild brand manager at Markwins, tells The Daily Roxette that "it's one of our more popular colors… it's actually been around for several years now. Roxette is a 'hot' name and the color is a 'hot' red."

  The crystalic, calcium-enriched nail color sells for around $2 USD a bottle, and is available at many retail locations in the United States – both in-store and online.

  Meanwhile, the designers at fashion house XOXO have given the name "Roxette" to a pump-type, Mary Jane-style shoe in their collection.

  Making the connection to the musical group Roxette, the copywriter at Amazon.com writes "Look sharp! These dressy, sporty mary jane pumps from XOXO have a great hybrid style."

  The shoes sell for around $72 USD.

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