Billboard’s columnist comments on Roxette

Billboard's columnist and well-known friend of Swedish music, Fred Bronson, commented on the importance of Roxette's new US record deal in his weekly online Chart Beat Chat. David Di Troia asked Fred's opinion on Roxette's decision to sign to a small record label and release "Wish I Could Fly" as a single. This is what Fred replied:

edel is a major record label throughout Europe, and the biggest hit to date on edel America is "Crush' by Jennifer Paige — so the label is certainly pop-oriented. I think it's a good fit for Roxette, which instantly becomes the best-known group on the American label's roster.
Given the current climate of Swedish production success in the U.S., the time may be right for Roxette to return to the U.S. charts, and the duo's recent appearance on the World Music Awards may have helped pave the way.

Editor's Note: I have to say — as a European — that I've never heard of Edel Records before Roxette's announcement. The subsidiary labels of Edel (such as Mega Records) are known in Europe, but Edel itself isn't. (roxeteer)

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June 20th, 2000

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