U.S. promotional tour continues to take shape

"Schedule subject to change" it says on both the list published here previously, and on a more recent version appearing on the RoxNorthAmeriFans site. "It's driving us crazy!" said one person involved in planning the tour at Edel America Records (EAR). "Planning a cross-country tour takes an incredible amount of rescheduling… and revising… and rebooking…" said another.

The biggest changes are the cancellation of the performance in Minneapolis and the addition of a large concert in California. These and other tour updates are available on the "RoxAttaq USA" site.

[Editor's Note: To avoid duplication of effort, and to make it easier for fans who are planning to attend a tour event (avoiding confusion over which listing is accurate), TDR will not republish the schedule. However, look to The Daily Roxette for complete, daily coverage of all the tour happenings. - LEO]

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September 18th, 2000

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