Rox 20 launches and TDR celebrates with contest giveaway

NEW YORK - It was at the very beginning of the "Nordic Rox" show on Sirius satellite radio last Sunday night that Per Gessle premiered the brand new "The Rox Medley." It could be considered the public launch of the Rox 20 anniversary. We here at The Daily Roxette are pretty excited about the whole Rox 20 thing and feel like celebrating… and what better way to do that than to team up with Sirius and give some more stuff away!?!

  Sirius has been co-sponsoring the Swedish Music Seminar here in the Big Apple for the last few years, where The Daily Roxette first heard rumors of a Swedish music channel, and then later… that Per himself would be involved.

  Contest winners will receive an assortment of CDs from Sweden that TDR picked up at these seminars including music from The Ark, WhiteSilver, Hellacopters, Crash Diet, Laleh, Kristoffer Rangstam, Hellfueled, Hello Saferide, Daniel Lemma, Anna Ternheim, Andreas Johnson, BFF, Robyn, In Flames, Frida Hyvönen and The Hives.

  Along with all this music, the lucky winners will find a couple of promotional items directly from Sirius included in their prize package. Two of the winners will get to listen to all this great music while using the item pictured here. Guessing what it is is part of the contest.

This contest is open to ALL TDR subscribers who have an accurate Profile.

  1. Click on "Change Your Settings" and make sure that your TDR user profile is updated with your REAL First and Last Name and CURRENT active email address. If you do not wish to share this information with other TDR subscribers, simply leave that box unchecked.

  2. Send an email to promo (at) dailyroxette.com with your TDR Login Name and your answers to the following questions:

Correctly answer two of the following three questions…

  1. In what U.S. city is the radio station located that is credited with introducing Roxette to America with "The Look"?
       a. New York
       b. Minneapolis
       c. Los Angeles
  2. How many Billboard #1 songs has Roxette had in the United States?
       a. Three (3)
       b. Four (4)
       c. Five (5)
  3. What IS the Sirius promotional item pictured with this article?
       a. Satellite radio receiver device
       b. Straw that lights up when you suck
       c. Sirius special edition blue MP3 player

  This contest closed on Monday, June 26.

  UPDATE: The four winners for this contest (each with at least two correct answers) are Birgit Süesskraut (KixBE) and Matthias Naumer (Parlophone) of Germany, Marie-Claire (m-cvk) of the Netherlands and Joyrider of Austria.

  The mysterious photo, by the way, is indeed a novelty promotional item from Sirius with a logo that lights up when liquid passes through the straw. TDR picked up two of them when Sirius sponsored a showcase concert of Swedish pop/rock at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square that featured The Ark. So the correct answer for all three questions was "B."

  Prize packages will be airmailed to each of the winners. Congratulations !!

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June 19th, 2006

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