“Room Service” tour to hit Latin America in early 2002

Per Gessle, in a telephone interview with a Mexican publication, has indicated that the forthcoming “Room Service” tour will include Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina in January and/or February.

  Speaking with Reforma’s reporter from Stockholm, Per talked about the new album and the state of “pop” music.

  “If with ‘Have A Nice Day,’ Roxette experimented with electronics, with ‘Room Service’ we decided to return to the sound that granted us world-wide popularity one decade ago, in a spontaneous way,” Per said (subject to translation).

  “I believe that this disc has a much warmer sound and reflects a happier state,” he said. He feels there are many things in common with ‘Look Sharp’, because fundamentally they were made under the same idea: to enter the studio and to see what happened. “At least two songs undeniably have the sound of Roxette in the ’80s,” he recognized.

  The musician explained that the return to their classic sound does not mean that the group has not evolved, but that they did not want to hide their “trade name” (sound), because it would be in opposition to the idea of the pair to create honest music.

  Roxette has had experience recording in Spanish but, in the opinion of Gessle, they will not be singing again soon in that language. “It was something pleasant, but many fans know what each word that we sang in Spanish means, and I must recognize that we didn’t speak that language very well,” he said.

  “When we recorded those versions, we trusted the translation, but we thought that each language has its rate, its peculiarites, and perhaps in those covers we did not say exactly what we wanted. Nevertheless, Spanish is a wonderful language, and if we don’t do anything for ‘Room Service,’ perhaps we will for the next disc of Roxette,” he added.

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July 3rd, 2001

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