“Room Service” cover picture not final?

UPDATED – The Official Roxette Fanclub has removed the cover pictures of “Room Service” album and “The Centre Of The Heart” single from their website on request by Roxette’s management. The Daily Roxette has not received such request and thus we still have the album and single covers online. According to the fanclub’s website, the reason for removing the pictures is that “it’s not the final version yet and the artwork is not yet approved.”

  Interestingly enough, EMI Electrola, Roxette’s record company in Germany, has the same, unapproved single cover on their website.

  Update 3/7/2001: The fanclub has now returned the images on their website. While they seem to be exactly the same pictures as before, the shield logo has been altered so as to be less transparent.

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Visa Kopu

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March 4th, 2001

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