Rain, mosquitos, and smaller than expected crowds fail to spoil Marie’s personal enjoyment of Äntligen tour

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Roxette prior to one of her last concerts, Marie indicated that she had been delighted with the friendly, enthusiastic crowds and thought that the concert tour was one of the highlights of her career.

Many fans remarked to this reporter that Marie really seemed to be enjoying herself onstage, and she confirmed this by saying "these songs are very special to me and I enjoy performing them. I've really enjoyed this tour, especially last night's concert in Stockholm. It will be a little sad when it ends tomorrow in Uppsala."

Marie went on to say that she had been especially delighted with the "Roxette fans" who had travelled to see her perform in Sweden. "It's a good feeling for me," she said.

Many of the concert reviews in the Swedish press mention how energetic Marie has been during this tour and how comfortable she seems to be at this point in her life. "Yes, that's true, and now things are going to get very busy again," she said. "The new Roxette album has to be done by Christmas, and we have the U.S. promotion to do."

There are a couple of Websites in particular that have, or will have soon, plenty of photos from the concert tour. These pictures will show a happy Marie Fredriksson who, at certain concerts, ignored rain and buzzing mosquitos to give consistently suberb performances.

[Photos: Fans at concerts, including a mosquito-biten James from the UK]

Reporters from the Roxette Review were granted an interview prior to the final concert in Uppsala. This will appear, along with photographs, in their next issue.

[Editorial Comment: Marie's willingness to sign autographs for fans throughout the tour, and her management's acknowledgement and recognition of the importance of fans — as evidenced by lengthy interviews being granted to both TDR and the Review — is to be commended. We were impressed! Not only is the music great, the people are great too. -LEO]

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August 17th, 2000

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