Per speaks of completing two new songs in Canadian radio interview

VANCOUVER ISLAND - Ian Seggie is the senior producer for a cluster of radio stations serving the Vancouver Island area of British Columbia, Canada. Yesterday, Ian conducted a telephone interview with Per, who is enjoying the summer in Halmstad.

  Ian's been a fan of Roxette since 1989 ("The Look" got his attention), so selecting and embedding various songs to build a musical soundtrack for the interview was a work of love. The result, an eight-minute segment, is now making the rounds of Island Radio's six stations. It was aired on "The Wave" (CKWV-FM) today and they've been very kind to allow us to share it with our readers (see link below).

  "We had a great chat about SOAP and the new Roxette," Ian tells The Daily Roxette. "He shared some personal insight about recording with Marie and told me that he just finished overdubs of the two new Roxette songs this past week."

  Ian, who prepared for the interview by reading TDR, covers a lot of ground in this interview… from solo projects to the upcoming RoxBox. It is perhaps the best radio interview we've heard in a long time, as Ian doesn't waste time asking the same old routine questions we usually hear. Instead, he lets the music remind his listeners about who it is he's talking with, and that frees him up to ask more personal questions.

  As Ian told us, Per did indeed share his feelings about working with Marie again:

It was in fact wonderful, and emotional of course, but also (hehehe) it took about like an hour, and then we're back in the groove. It was the same jokes, the same… everything was like the same. So even though time has gone by, it feels as if time has stood still for a bit so… It's not like it was before because, you know, Marie is somewhat a changed person, for all that she's gone through. But nevertheless, she still sings very well and, you know, it's just been a pleasure to be able to record these songs. If you had asked me like two years ago if this would ever happen, I would definitely would never believed it to have happened. I'm really pleased that we actually could do it.

  Besides the two new songs that seem to be destined for the Rox20 compilation disc, Per also comments about the upcoming RoxBox, which has taken final shape: "It's four CDs, a DVD – a little bit of this, a little bit of that – outtakes and demos and stuff. It's like a coffee table thing, and it's really, really big [with an] 80-page booklet and stuff."

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