Per good for half a billion SEK

STOCKHOLM – Dagens Industri, a Swedish newspaper that focuses on financial news, has recently mapped Per’s business empire. DI claims he’s good for half a billion Swedish crowns (almost 54 million USD).

  In one interesting item, Per is quoted as saying “Today I own the rights to all my songs but one.” That ‘one’, TDR has learned, is “From One Heart to Another.” It’s owned by Sweden Music.

  Here’s an overview of his various enterprises:

  • Roxette – self explanatory. Sold more than 55 million records.
  • Music publishing – Owns the rights to GT’s and Roxette’s material, plus the works of many other successful Swedish songwriters.
  • Artist consulting – Owns 8 percent of Desert Business Management in Örebro and 38 percent of d&d Management.
  • Hotel – Owns 40 percent of Hotel Tylösand, plus 1/3 of art gallery Tres Hombres, with one of Sweden’s largest art collections including, among others, Ernst Billgren, Peter Dahl and Anton Corbijn.
  • Financial investments focusing on IT/Music – This is where many of Per’s more or less failed attempts to connect music with IT are. He recently took over the company Noteheads together with Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA.

  Examples of other businesses Per owns (at least in part): Roxette Productions, Roxette US Inc., Roxette Recordings, Gessle Music, Gessle Records, Hidden Dinosaur (computer games), Fame Studios (Internet consultants), People’s Front (Internet consultants), Tom Bone (Music publishing), and Jimmy Fun (Music publishing).

  Gessle declined to comment on his businesses. “Right now I’m on my way to the studio to record two new Roxette-demos… now that is real fun!”

This article was written for an earlier version of The Daily Roxette.
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September 28th, 2002

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