Mono Mind – another secret Gessle project?

The Lonely Boys and even Roxette started out as music projects that did not exactly stress the fact that Per Gessle was actually the driving force behind it. Is Mono Mind another one?

You may have seen this on Roxetteblog but we’re sure we can add a few more details to it.

The facts: Mono Mind is a music project based in Sweden, “but the collaborators are plentiful and can be from anywhere”. Which sounds promising. You can find out more on if you like. There’s also a Facebook and a Twitter site.
Recently, Mono Mind released what they claimed is their first song: “Save Me A Place”, a song title previously used by Fleetwood Mac. You can find the “Bridge & Mountain Remix” on basically all known streaming sites while the a little slower “Lounge Remix” has only appeared on Tidal so far and has gotten regular airplay on SiriusXM, an online radio service Per is involved in. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Helena Josefsson and a distorted version of Per himself in the lead vocals. BMI states that David Guetta was a co-writer to this song.


But, and this is where it’s getting more interesting, “Save Me A Place” was actually not their first song. On various online services such as Soundcloud and even Spotify you can find traces of another song which according to had been released one year ago already: “Sugar Rush album for sale by Mono Mind was released Sep 09, 2016 on the BMG Rights Management GmbH label. Sugar Rush CD music contains a single disc with 1 songs.”

The problem is, this song is almost nowhere to be found anymore. Except here on The Daily Roxette. Please enjoy the snippet and keep an eye on Mono Mind. Update: BMG Germany just requested to remove the snippet.

Performer: Mono Mind; Producer: Per Gessle, Christoffer Lundquist; Mixing Engineer: Ronny Lahti; Vocals: Per Gessle, Helena Josefsson; Musician: Per Gessle, Christoffer Lundquist

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Kai-Uwe Heinze

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September 13th, 2017

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