Marie suffers serious head injury

EDITOR’S NOTE / UPDATE: – Since the publication of this article, The Daily Roxette has been in touch with several sources close to Marie. While — according to her doctors — she is expected to make a full recovery from the trauma to her brain and head, a close friend confirmed that “she has a very severe concussion” as a result of having hit her head on the hard floor when she fainted. Doctors today (Friday) at Karolinska Hospital have been running tests on Marie to determine the cause of the fainting spell, as it is somewhat of a mystery. Marie gets dizzy when she sits up in bed, or tries to stand, but she’s spent time on the telephone talking to her family and close friends and has received visitors. Per Gessle is among those expected to visit this weekend, although there is also hope that she will be released soon,  perhaps as early as this weekend. Marie knows that her fans are concerned about her, and received flowers today from the Fan Club on behalf of all of her fans around the world. “They’re beautiful,” she is reported to have said upon receiving the arrangement.

STOCKHOLM Marie Fredriksson, 44, has been in the world-renowned Karolinska Institute hospital since Wednesday in serious condition, having suffered a concussion as the result of a fall she took at her villa just outside Stockholm.

  Here are the few details mentioned in the accounts published in Swedish newspapers today:

  “She is really tired, but in a good mood,” says her manager Marie Dimberg. “She fell, I can’t say more.”

  She was taken to the neurology department in the hospital where doctors state she was experiencing a serious concussion. A concussion (the result of head trauma) can last for some weeks.

  “She has a really serious concussion, she is not feeling fine,” Dimberg said. Yesterday, Fredriksson was conscious and her manager could talk for a while with her. “I don’t know right now how long she will have to stay,” she said.

  Dimberg got to know what had happened Tuesday afternoon in a phone call from Marie’s husband, Micke, 45.

  Micke and Marie met in Australia, at the end of Roxette’s Joyride tour. Soon after that meeting they got engaged, and after a bit more than a year they had
their first baby, Josefin. In 1994, they got married.

  As of last night, her brother, Sven-Arne, was not really informed about what had happened. “I am shocked, it came so suddenly. I had not heard anything,” he said.

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September 13th, 2002

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