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Gessle’s paycheck could reach one million SEK per night

STOCKHOLM – This summer’s upcoming 25th Anniversary Gyllene Tider concert tour is expected to be so popular, that the fees the band rakes in will probably reach record levels. Per alone, according to a report in today’s edition of the Swedish newspaper Expressen, might earn almost one million Swedish Kronor (SEK) [US $138,000] – per night.

  The two hottest acts in Sweden this summer, according to this report, will be Gyllene Tider and the gigantic Diggiloo tour package (many well-known Swedish singers appearing one-after-the-other on the same stage; a touring version of a popular SVT television program).

  Previously, the artists demanded a certain amount for every gig. But this summer, there will most likely be huge crowds attending. In other words, guaranteed blockbusters. As Expressen’s reporter put it: “We’re talking 10,000 people per concert. At least.”

  Nowadays, the production companies themselves rent the big venues. They estimate an audience where each pay an entrance fee of about 300 SEK. That adds up to 4.5 million SEK if there’s a minimum of about 15,000 in the audience. The production company takes 80 percent (3.6 million) of the total amount.

  “Yea, there’s a great deal of money involved and I don’t deny that the artists gets quite a bit of it. But there’s a bunch of other people splitting it as well,” says Patrik Krall of 2entertain, producers of the Diggiloo tour.

  At EMA-Telstar, no one wants to comment on the money issue. But according to numerous sources, the thought process there is the same as at 2entertain.

  With Gyllene Tider however, there are considerably fewer sharing the cake. This means that Per could earn up to a million SEK for one single gig.

  “Yes, that’s the way it is,” says an [unnamed] arranger who is involved in Gyllene Tider’s fee negotiations.

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January 27th, 2004

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