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Gessle to take Gyllene Tider for a spin?

STOCKHOLM – Next year Gyllene Tider turns 25. Today The Daily Roxette can reveal the group’s plans of a reunion, all according to Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

  The summer of ’96 one of the biggest successes ever in Sweden rolled out on the Swedish tour road. Gyllene Tider reunited under the name of “Återtåget.” Next year it can happen again. Aftonbladet reveals today that the members of Gyllene Tider discuss a reunion next summer. “I guess it’s time now, with the 25 year anniversary and all, it’s not at all written in stone, but we’ve talked about it. And 25 years is a nice thought,” says Per Gessle.

  In the end of last year the group met in Stockholm to discuss the future. “We decided to see each other again in a year. This is damn far into the future. But things that are making this look like a good idea is that we still are great friends and have a good time together,” says Per.
Despite the fact that Gyllene Tider disbanded in 1985, the group has gotten several requests for a reunion over the years.
“Yes it keeps popping up all the time, and we are offered incredible amounts. But that shouldn’t be the reason for a reunion,” Per claims.

  The plan for the anniversary is another summer tour. Just like at Återtåget the audience will be given all the classic hits. But moreover, there are plans of cutting a new single for the jubilee.

  “We don’t feel motivated enough to make a whole album, and pretend that Gyllene Tider is still living. Because it isn’t. We may record a single at best.” Per explains to Aftonbladet. What’s definite is that next year’s tour has a lot riding on it. Återtåget ’96 was a thunderous success all over Sweden.

  “That tour is still some sort of norm in Swedish tour life, nobody has beat the records yet. So if we are to do something new it has to feel special and good,” Per states.

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January 31st, 2003

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