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Mazarin? 2003? Maybe!

Big Anton Corbijn opening tonight in Sthlm. Should be fun.

Okay Roxers, the site works again!! Time to continue voting! Today Roxette can reach the first place!!!

Qual foi o melhor show internacional de 2011?
Qual foi o melhor show internacional de 2011?. Em 2011 os astros da música internacional apostaram no Brasil para trazer turnês e shows especiais. Além dos festivais, os artistas rodaram o Brasil divulgando suas músicas. Para você, qual foi o melhor show gringo do ano em 2011 no Brasil? Vote! . Crie…

Yeah! Back again! Been blocked from FB for a couple of days. Must have been an age issue! Btw, thanx for all good vibes re my b-day! Love to you all! Had a wonderful time in the studio w/ Marie, Chris & Clair the other day. 2Rism is almost done, folks! Have a great weekend, y’all!

Roxette to perform in China in March! Check for details. (Never mind the blurb). Also, due to age restrictions (I’m too old) I’m once again lokced out of FB… I’m going back to messages in bottles…

Roxette – News

Open: December 16 – January 6 2012Prize: Signed Roxette Album and Singles!!!BE THE BEST BEAT THE REST, SING WITH THE ROXETTE SINGBOX AND COMPETE FOR FAN-TASTIC PRIZES.To enter the competition simply share your score from singing "The Look" in Roxette Singbox for iPhone on Facebook during the competi…

Summertime in Stockholm!

There’s always space for a Ramones song….

Up in the attic earlier with the wife. Old, cold, full of cobwebs, but she’s good to the kids. -Tommy Cooper on Twitter

Doobidoo with mr Åkerlund

Ferrari exhibition in Maranello #3

Ferrari exhibition in Maranello #2

Ferrari exhibition in Maranello #1

Yes Box Alright! I’ve done the soundtrack, based on the Son of a Plumber vibe, for Jonas Åkerlund’s new movie “Small Apartments”. The music has been recorded at the AGM Studio and as expected the mighty Mr Lundquist & Mr Ofwerman have been the cornerstones. The film? Well, it’s a “dark comedy” (based on the S.A. novel) starring Matt Lucas, Billy Crystal, James Caan and Peter Stormare in the leading parts. And yes, it’s a wonderful movie. And yes, there will be a soundtrack. And yes, we have to release it on vinyl as well. I’m really proud to be part of this. Cheers, P. PS. Jonas is God.

Alets IK anno 2008!

Jens on drums. Nacka 2005.

Nacka 2005 – rehearsal

Gig in Nacka outside Stockholm 2005

Gosh. The title of the brand new ultra happening Roxette album (release March 2012) will be “2Rism”. Or maybe “2rism”. What do you think?

Helen Frankenthaler R.I.P.

Helen Frankenthaler obituary

Abstract expressionist artist who rejuventated the post-Pollock era

Thanx Tanja for this beautiful link!

PER GESSLE OFFICIAL shared a link.

Merry X everyone!

Mazarin Tour. Pic by Falken.

Mazarin Tour. Pic by Falken.

Mazarin Tour. Pic by Falken.

Mazarin Tour. Pic by Falken.

Mazarin Tour. Gothenburg. Pic by Falken.-

Mazarin Tour. Pic by Falken.

Mazarin Tour. Pic by Falken