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  ★ TDR Archive for January 28th, 2019

BEHIND MONO MIND - from Dr. Robot himself. TELL HIM I SAID HI! The first recording of THISH was sung entirely by Dr. Robot and was called “Tell Her I Said Hi!”. It sounded fab. The sound of Dr. Robot’s voice on the verses on this one is truly amazing. It’s my favorite Dr. Robot-sound together with “Marvingate” and “Down by the Riverside.” However, when I suddenly had lots of Mono Mind-tracks piled up I felt I needed a little bit more “flesh and blood” when it came to the voices so I re-wrote it and re-recorded it and had Cooky join the party and sing on the choruses. I love this one and I especially adore Clarence’s hypnotic piano part in the middle. #behindmonomind

Per Gessle 60 for 60. More stats - how many songs from each album made it into the top 60? The World According to Gessle - 13 Son of a Plumber - 10 Mazarin - 9 The Archives (different records) - 9 Party Crasher - 4 En vacker natt - 4 The Lonely Boys - 3 En händig man - 2 Scener - 2 En vacker dag - 1 Small Town Talk - 1 Per Gessle - 1