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Haven't seen this one before. Charity event on Swedish TV in 2003. /P.

Per Gessle Tycker om när du tar på mej -Väsldens Barn 2003

Aaaah Friday's my day! Greetings from the Unmentionable Studio in Halmstad! MP at the knobs! Have a fab weekend y'all! /P.

Here are the first 30 tracks of #per60 30 Mannen med gitarr - T&A Demo - Nov 20, 2002 Födelsedag Småstadsprat I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Inte Tillsammans, Inte Isär Substitute (For The Real Deal) If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) - T&A Demo - Mar 4, 2002 Om Jag Vetat Då (Vad Jag Vet Nu) Silly Really Kissing Is The Key 40 I Wanna Be With You Fyrklöver Rocket from Her Heart - T&A Demo - Jun 16, 1989 Kix En Händig Man Genius Gone Wrong I Want You To Know Saturday Honung och guld - T&A Demo - Oct 6, 2012 Monster Hangover - T&A Demo - Jan 31, 2002 50 The Party Pleaser Are You An Old Hippie, Sir? Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore Something Happened Today Small Town Talk (feat. Nick Lowe) Rickie Lee Ingen kan som du - T&A Demo - May 28, 2003 Kvar i min bil - AGM - Apr 28, 2007 When I Close My Eyes (No One Can See Me) - T&A Demo - Jul 20, 1999 Min plats 60 Rädd

Per's 60 for 60. #30 Mannen med gitarr (The Man with the Guitar.) Halftime! This is a demo from 2002, written for "Mazarin," and never used or released because Clarence hated it! It was however recorded by Monia Sjöström in 2003, with slightly different lyrics since she's obviously a girl. Per sings "Hey you with the guitar, play something I understand, something I think about. Maybe something about when I met her eyes the first time. I want to hear that song." But it was a long time ago. Is she gone or is she not? Is the song sad or not? Melancholy? We love it. (Not Stevo.) Hugs! #per60

Mannen med gitarr

This is #30 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Per Gessle's career.