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German edition of Marie’s biography out next week

As already announced back in May, Marie’s biography is about to be released in German in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Edel Germany. The final release date has now been set to November …

The German version of Marie’s biography “Listen to my heart. Meine Liebe zum Leben” is available now. The book is updated and has now a new last chapter with the title “Summer 2016”. The book also comes with a bunch of photos that haven’t been in the Swedish version. One is attached. /Kirsten

Here is a very rough translation of the new last chapter.

“Summer 2016

No more tours with Roxette. The show in South Africa in February 2016 will have been their last, although14 more shows were planned for Europe in summer. Marie fell on her head in April. How that happened, nobody knows, it is still unclear, but one thing is for sure: Marie can’t any longer cope with all the pressure and the stress of a tour life and she is still struggling with walking. Her foot is twisting more and more and cramping, so that she needs support even for very short ways.
It is very sad to accept that the Roxette time is definitely over. What a damn good band we were! Our latest album is one of our best in my opinion. All we experienced with Roxette belongs to the best that happened to me in my whole life. We had an extraordinary time. All the people I was allowed to get to know. The unbelievable success. I became a world star.Nobody can take from me what I experienced and lived to see.

At the same time I feel a certain relief that the decision has finally been made. It is over. During the last year everything became too much and too intense for me. It is only now that I see the pressure became too much. There is no more place for stress in my life.

In hindsight I realise that I should have stopped touring much earlier. But I wanted to keep my identity at all costs. I wanted to be how I saw myself. On the other side I am just plain happy that I could experience again what Per and I built together. Our wonderful fans all over the world. Their love and their strength.

I am very grateful for that.
With this book I want to be as honest as possible. And the current situation is not easy for my family and me. Fortunately, it’s not hard for me to cry, because tears loosen the sadness. Those who cling to sadness don’t have a chance on happiness.

And despite all this I haven’t lost my joy and my energy (it is “Schwung” in German.. maybe “drive” or “momentum” fit better here). I will never give up, i will fight to keep my joy and creativity as long as I can.

I will spend all my time and energy now to walk again properly. I just tested a brace that stretches the foot and helps stabilizing the leg. When they fixed it they asked me what brace I want. “A real rock’n’roll brace” I said and laughed. But they took me at my word – and now I get one of black leather.

Still new words are coming up in my thoughts that make me feel something that is important to me and that I love to remember. Words that make me remember things that are good and beautiful. All the love I have in me. For Micke, my family, for life.

I still love it to just sit in my garden. Just to sit there in the sun for a little while. Then new energy builds and I have the feeling to still be creative and to do what I love – despite all adversity.

You can’t get caught in darkness. I will fight for every bright and beautiful moment – for the rest of the days I still have.

Marie’s biography out next week in German

As already announced back in May, Marie’s biography is about to be released in German in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Edel Germany. The final release date has now been set to November 21st  (the book can already be found in some stores in Germany though). The biography “Listen to my heart: Meine Liebe zum Leben” has […]

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