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  ★ TDR Archive for December 28th, 2015

Same pants. Other song. /P.

Roxette - Dressed for success

Roxette fremfører "Dressed for success" på Rockefeller i Oslo, 1989. Programledere er Chris Highraff og Haakon Eliassen.

Aaaah would you believe me if I told you I found those powerful trousers the week before xmas???? The truth, the whole truth + nuthin but the tee! I seem to have saved more then I can remember.../P.

Roxette - The look

Roxette fremfører "The look" på Rockefeller i 1989. Programleder er Chris Highraff

Gyllene Tider + manager! /P.

Roxette's Got The Look

Great band!

Outside the first T&A Studio. The one with the door.... /P.

Roxette's Got The Look