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FRIDAY UPDATE: Great day in the studio with MP. Have a wonderful weekend y'all! /P.

Nice pic, don't you think? /P.

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Yummy! /P.

ANNONS: Väl valda viner à la Per Gessle
Per Gessle hade inga planer på vinbranschen. Men när han skulle ta fram husviner åt Hotel Tylösand blev resultatet så lyckat att det ledde till en egen vinkollektion: The Per Gessle Selection, med hittills två röda, ett vitt och ett rosévin.

Remember these guys? My favourite TV-show when I was a kid. /P.

Förbeställ Per Gessles nya böcker "Texter, klotter & funderingar” och/eller ”Songs, sketches & reflections" hos Bengans innan den 15 augusti så signerar Per Gessle din bok innan den skickas hem till dig. Böckerna släpps i slutet av september.

Per Gessle berättar här öppenhjärtigt för första gången om sitt låtskrivande. Från den blygsamma debuten i slutet av 1970-talet fram till i dag. Den svenska delen presenterar ca 150 svenska alster och den engelska ca 200 av Pers engelskspråkiga alster; hand- och maskinskrivna originaltexter med kommentarer och teckningar. Missa inte denna unika chans att få ditt egna signerade exemplar, beställ böckerna redan idag:

"Texter, klotter & funderingar” (den svenska delen) :
"Songs, Skethes & Reflections” (the english part) :


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#PerGessle's absolutely awesome acoustic version of "Honung och guld" that premiered yesterday on Swedish Radio P3 is now available on YouTube (! Will it be released on any volume of The Per Gessle Archives? Hope so! /PP

Thanx Gabriela Demichelli for uploading the song.

New Q's, new A's. /P.

2-hour-long show with Per Gessle on Swedish Radio P3
This morning there was a 2-hour-long program with Per Gessle on Swedish Radio P3. Listen to it HERE! He was today’s guest of Linnea Henriksson’s show, Hallå P3. The whole show is based on questions…

FRIDAY UPDATE: T&A here I come! On a mission today! /P.

Pre-order Per Gessle’s new books "Texter, klotter & funderingar (the swedish part)” and/or ”Songs, sketches & reflections (the english part)” at Bengans before the 15th of August and Per himself will sign your copy before you have it delivered.
Book launch at the end of September.

For the first time Per Gessle now speaks frankly about his songwriting. From the modest debut in the late seventies as far as today. The swedish book presents roughly 150 songs and the english roughly 200 songs, hand- and typewritten original lyrics with comments and drawings. It is also richly illustrated with notes and scrawlings from Per’s studio diaries and private pictures.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity and get your own signed copy, order today at:

"Texter, klotter & funderingar” (den svenska delen) :
"Songs, Skethes & Reflections” (the english part) :