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  ★ TDR Archive for January 8th, 2014

Beautiful. Thanks Gustavo. /P

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The singles so far... (1986-2012). Thanks for the music!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE #3: Both David Bowie and Elvis Presley have their birthday today! Cheers! /P

Happy with the DVD/BluRay, folks? /P.

So those of you, Roxers, who got the #Roxette DVD + CD / BD + CD as a Xmas present or bought it before or after Xmas, have you already watched it? Which is your fave part? (Please, note: extras are only on the Blu-ray.) /PP

RoxBlog found this DJ having fun! /P

This is what happens in a Dutch radio studio when #Roxette is on air. The guy gets cooler at about 1:15. Who cares about the phone when you can play air guitar? :) /PP

Click here for the video:

Marie's solo tour is on getting closer!!!!!!

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OMG! Here she comes! February 19 (Helsingborg, Sweden).

The leopard skin still rules! /P.

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Awww..the 80's !! ;)

This is probably in Stockholm! Or? /P.

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'..and the stars will show..'

In 45 years I'll be 100! Drinks on me! /P.

#PerGessle turns 55 on Sunday and Hallandsposten did a short e-mail interview with him on this occasion. Article is available only for subscribers, but here you can read a short summary. /PP

He says the most momentous happening in his life was when Gabriel was born when Per was 38. He can’t really remember how life was before that.

”Before you have children yourself, you can’t understand how great it is. Everything changes. You become more human and thus also more vulnerable. You suddenly care about ordinary things like school bags, bicycle helmets, budgies and "Grand Theft Auto 5".”

To the question how it is possible to combine fatherhood with the role of a world artist he replied that at home he is not a world artist at all and they have always been an ordinary family.

Regarding songwriting Per says he always tries to write lyrics and music he himself understands and enjoys and he is usually following his gut feeling.

The driving force is not money, but – how he said it already in other interviews as well – motivation.

”I felt quite like an outsider and invisible when I was growing up and it has probably made me focused and strong-willed as an adult.”

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Songwriting by the pool. Wedding around the corner. Congratulations! /P.

Will this one survive another year, maybe? /P.

Roxette - Fading Like A Flower

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Just realised that this pic of Jonas Åkerlund and me was taken in Australia (Bondi Beach) while shooting the Vulnerable-vid. /P.