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#gtsommar Second concert in Halmstad on Aug 7

Though we have expected this to be announced since Saturday due to the Coop leak, we were still suprised with the new date for the second Gyllene Tider Halmstad concert. It won’t happen on July 6, day after tour’s premiere as we previously thought, but a month later on August 7 between Örnsköldsvik and Skövde […]

A schedule of what to expect in 2013

  Who would have thought that after the past busy years 2013 will also be full of happenings? Here is a list of what’s coming.   January: Gyllene Tider tour is announced, tickets are on sale (5th July, Halmstad is already sold out, but there is an extra Halmstad gig on 7th August /tickets for […]

Halmstad is sold out. 7 Aug added. Tics tomorrow.

The Daily Roxette turns 16 this year. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Sven Lindström’s Roxette biography is slated for release after the summer.

#gtsommar Exclusive Swedish radio interview with Per and Micke

Per and Micke did an exclusive 11-minute interview for the Swedish public radio last Friday. They talked about how they come to work together and recording of the new album. Per revealed that Gyllene Tider has discussed a comeback from 2008, but there was always something that stopped them from doing this. On the new […]

#gtsommar Which colour of Gyllene Tider’s poster artwork you prefer?

There seem to be 4 artworks in different colours of Gyllene Tider’s posters / ads. Which one do you like the most? Vote here! (or on FB)                                                                         Artworks are available on Gyllene Tider’s Artwork 2013 Pinterest board.  

Elektroniska Tider, for all your Gyllene needs, now in Swedish as well!

Gyllene Tider /::/ Elektroniska Tider /::/

Gyllene Tider – Elektroniska Tider: The (almost) official homepage of Sweden's coolest band ever. Find information about Per Gessle, Mats Persson, Goran Fritzon, Anders Herrlin and Micke Andersson. Listen to all their songs and check out their history.

#gtsommar The official Gyllene Tider tour poster

On the Gyllene Tider’s Instagram profile the official tour poster was posted. Additionally in many regional daily papers around Sweden ads for certain GT concerts were published – this is one of examples for Gothenburg, with a different background than the official poster. Additionally the band did a short video where they announce the ticket […]

The Gyllene Tider tickets are out! Also, their new website has been published.

Gyllene Tider

Gyllene Tider

Live Nation sued by Biljett Nu

Roxette’s tour organizer Live Nation have been sued by second hand ticket company Biljett Nu over the concert debaucle back in 2010 when Roxette’s “comeback” concert was moved from Anderstorp to Halmstad. Read the full story...

Live Nation sued by Biljett Nu

SotD! Happy Sunday y’all!

#gtsommar Second Gyllene Tider concert in Halmstad on July 6? Coop knows better!

…though the official sale did not start yet, Coop, the best chain in Sweden ever (everyone will admit that after today), announced that the second concert in Halmstad is planned on Saturday, July 6. And we are pretty sure it’s not a mistake… In addition to Ticnets VIP package for the 6th, Remco Verhaaf noticed […]

Beats GT25 live! any day.

!#¤%¤%/& Third try!! Oh and for those who wonder, the tour is called “Live 2013 – Dags att tänka på refrängen.”

Young Halmstad songstress opens Gyllene Tider concerts

Linnea Henriksson, a 26-year-old singer from Halmstad (where Gyllene Tider also originates) will be the opening act during Gyllene Tider’s summer tour. Read the full story...

[News] Young Halmstad songstress opens Gyllene Tider concerts

#gtsommar New Gyllene Tider album to be released in April

In the today’s newsletter sent out by the Swedish online shop it was annoucned for the very first time that the new Gyllene Tider album “Dags att tänka på refrängen” will be released on Wednesday, the 17th of April. The CD version will cost SEK 149 and the LP edition – SEK 199. The […]

Six degrees of Roxette – Roxette song on “Private Practice”

The Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards has recorded a cover of “It Must Have Been Love,” which was featured on January 22 in an episode of the American TV-show “Private Practice” – a spin-off of the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” centering on the life of neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery. Read the full story...

[News] Six degrees of Roxette – Roxette song on “Private Practice”

#gtsommar Exclusive presale of Gyllene Tider’s tickets on Friday, January 25

Gyllene Tider has got a support from several big Swedish brands during the 2013 tour. This summer the real Gyllene Tider fans will… …watch TV4 …be drinking Falcon beer (5.2% of course; brand is owned by Carlsberg) …eat at Harrys and win GT tickets there …do shopping at Coop …call our friends and families through […]

Per Gessle and Micke Syd spill the beans

VOLLSJÖ – (Updated) Per and Micke are in the studio down in Skåne with the rest of the band. Read the full story...

As you all know, the Gyllene Tider tour dates are out. Check our site for more info. There’s also a brand new interview with Per there. LOTS (well…) of new info.

[News] Per Gessle spills the beans

[News] Gyllene Tider tour dates are out

Gyllene Tider tour dates are out

Live Nation Sweden has published the tour dates for the upcoming Gyllene Tider tour this summer: 05-07-2013 Halmstad, Marknadsplatsen07-07-2013 Lysekil, Gullmarsvallen10-07-2013 Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott12-07-2013 Gothenburg, Slottsskogsvallen13-07-2013 Malmö, Stadion15-07-2013 Ronneby, Ronneby Brunn17-07-2013 Linköping, Stångebrofältet19-07-2013 Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen20-07-2013 Leksand, Hembygdsgårdarna21-07-2013 Örebro, Brunnsparken24-07-2013 Kalmar, Fredriksskans26-07-2013 Jönköping, Elmiafältet27-07-2013 Stockholm, Tele2 Arena31-07-2013 Gävle, Gasklockorna 02-08-2013 Sundsvall, Konsertfest – Norrporten Arena *03-08-2013 Örnsköldsvik, Strandparken09-08-2013 Skövde, Karstorps Fritidsområde10-08-2013 Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms Slott Tickets will go on sale via Ticnet and Live Nation on January 28th at 09:00 CET. Read the full story...

#gtsommar THE 2013 TOUR – DATES

Here’s the official schedule of the 2013 Gyllene Tider tour: 05.07.2013 Halmstad, Marknadsplatsen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 20 000      SOLD OUT! 07.07.2013 Lysekil, Gullmarsvallen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 25 000 10.07.2013 Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 12 000         SOLD OUT! 12.07.2013 Gothenburg, Slottsskogsvallen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 22 000 13.07.2013 Malmö, Stadion (Facebook […]