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Probably my fav song from PC!

1999 Swedish “Anna” interview online

If you know basics of Swedish, you will enjoy this interview with both Marie and Per a lot. If you do not get a word they saying, then you can still enjoy picture – which are pretty cool – Marie in sauna and boxing ring or Per driving his car and playing piano. Thanks to […]

Swedish Hitz Goes Metal’s “The Look” on “Allsång på Skansen”

Thanks to Niclas Eliasson for this information.

“Speak to me” to be released digitally in Germany on 26th August service, powered by T-mobile network, has just announced that the third Roxette single off the “Charm school” album – “Speak to me” – will be released digitally in Germany on 26th August. No info regarding physical release at this point. No suprises in the tracklist. 1. Speak to Me (Bassflow Remake) 3:39 2. Speak […]

New “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” cover – watch it!

Have you heard the new orchestral cover of the latest Roxette hit single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”? If not, heads over to German ZDF website for more. Like it? Roxette Official comment: Oops… Thanx for the link Dani. Life will never be the same.

Rumours: Yet another concert in 2011 website informs that another concert was added to the World Tour 2011 schedule. This time is Kiev, Ukraine at Palace of Sports and the date is December 6th. This will be the second Roxette concert in Ukraine ever, after the first one which took place on March 10th this year. This date is not […]

[News] U.S. “Greatest Hits” CD trivia contest winners announced

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #8 of 8.

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #7 of 8.

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #6 of 8.

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #5 of 8.

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #4 of 8.

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #3 of 8.

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #2 of 8.

Old fav. Hey mr DJ. Pic #1 of 8.

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U.S. “Greatest Hits” CD trivia contest winners announced

NEW YORK – Over 250 readers participated in the The Daily Roxette’s trivia contest for a copy of the new U.S. Read the full story...

Aftonbladet: Tanja has seen Roxette 43 times

Christoffer Röstlund Jonsson of Aftonbladet has had a pleasure to talk with Tanja Overrath a moment before the Gothenburg concert on 24th July. Tanja comes from Germany and has seen Marie and Per exciting number of 43 times – including gigs with Gyllene Tider and Per Gessle as a solo performer. She has met with […]

En äkta Frankie Boy – Kultur KvP

Hollywood- och pop- fotografen Terry O'Neill ställer ut ett stort antal av sina tids- typiska bilder i Per Gessles galleri i Tylösand. Olle Berggren fascineras av en klassisk bild i storformat av Frank Sinatra i Miami B

Åsa and Gabriel says hello and thanx-for-the-greetings to everyone! Two heavy birthdays in one go! Phew. I need a vacation.

Aftonbladet: Per Gessle on social media websites

Jens Peterson, Aftonbladet’s journalist, did an extensive report from the Warsaw concert on 19th June this year. He has also interviewed Per Gessle about his plans around the current World Tour and attitude to social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Here are the most interesting quotes: Response from fans is huge. The films are […]

Getting a haircut in the garden with my favourite plastic bag on!

[News] Promoter’s goal is to have Roxette headline festival in Chile

Michael Saxell – a man behind Christoffer Lundquist’s album

Michael Saxell is a Swedish singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has recently worked with Christoffer Lundquist on Chris’ first solo album. Here are few interesting quotes from the recent interviews Michael gave. On May 4th Christoffer’s debut album as soloartist “Through The Window” was released by Warner Music Sweden. All music by Christoffer […]

Australian TV ad for the Sydney concert

Athlete duo Look Sharp! to tour US

We have found this interesting piece of news on the internet the other day… The Swedish artist/athlete duo Look Sharp! – Peter Aberg and Viktor Gyllenberg – is touring the Midwest with a multi-faceted tribute to their homeland’s pop rock sensation, Roxette, which put out hits such as “The Look” and “Listen to Your Heart” […]

Promoter’s goal is to have Roxette headline festival in Chile; more dates in South America expected

PORTO ALEGRE (Brazil) – After the long awaited and meteoric comeback of Roxette to South America that included one show in Uruguay, three in Argentina, one in Chile and five in Brazil – worth millions of dollars to promoters and full of a “million” sighs, screams and tears among the fans who attended the concerts – the are great expectations now that Roxette will return to South America in 2012. Read the full story...

Old fav. Mr Ray Davies 2006. BMI Awards London. Great evening.

Live Nation Australia & New Zealand: “The response has been quite incredible”

Live Nation Australia & New Zealand has posted a comment on the official Per Gessle Facebook page. Here is what they say: This is all they have announced at present however the response has been quite incredible. Once they hear how things are going we’re hoping they’ll consider visiting other cities – we’d certainly like […]

World Tour 2011: Tienen, Belgium – July 31 #52

Comment from Per Gessle Cheers from the gig in Tienen, Belgium. 4-day festival, Rox was headlining Day 4! We had a blast! Marie in top shape, great great crowd, beautiful evening and setting! Thanx for showing up, love to come back here. At the airport in Brussels w/ Magnus, Chris & wonderful Helena. We just […]

World Tour 2011: Haugesund, Norway – July 29 #51

Comment from Per Gessle Thanx Norway for taking care of us and making this evening in Haugesund very special. Hope to see y’all again down the road!!! Cheers, P & M & The Gang! Setlist 01. Dressed For Success 02. Sleeping in My Car 03. The Big L. 04. Wish I Could Fly 05. Only […]

Hey down under

All of you in OZ who have been waiting - make a mark in your calendars February 17 where the Roxette neverending tour will hit Sydney.