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Party Crasher Tour 2009 Cologne – Food. Sort of.

Party Crasher Tour 2009 Hamburg – Cheers to Paul!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 Munich – Sleeping soundcheck!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 Cologne – I never tell!!!!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 Hamburg – The Saturn Sign!

Party Crasher Tour 2009! Warszaw! Hello you Fool! By The Fence!!!!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 – Warszaw!!!!!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 Helsinki – Meeting the Media

G on ze drumz


Party Crasher Tour 2009 – Halmstad Ginger!!!!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 – Halmstad! Centre of the Universe!!!!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 Amsterdam soundcheck

Party Crasher Tour 2009 Amsterdam! Great gig!!!!

Party Crasher Tour 2009 – Amsterdam….

Time flies indeed!! Sthlm spring of 2009!

Upcoming USA releases by Roxette in sight!

Today the first signs of Roxette’s upcoming album releases in the USA got public. Both “Charm School” and a compilation named “Greatest Hits” will be released on July 26 by Capitol/EMI. We don’t know yet if the new Hits album features a re-shuffled tracklist or fresh artwork. The following press release was sent out and […]

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

Zone Arena, Bucharest, Romania

World Tour 2011: Bucharest, Romania – May 30 #30

15,000 Romanian fans attended the very special gig that took place on Marie Fredriksson’s birthday. Looking at the clips, it seems like all previously planned actions took place – so there was singing of “Happy birthday” before “Perfect day”, “The ballad hits” hearts up in the air during the song and stars during “Silver blue”. […]

Watch the videos!

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[News] Happy birthday, Marie!

Happy birthday, Marie!

Marie in Halmstad, 2010. Photo by Ulf Stjernbo. As Roxette plays Romania for the first time ever tonight, it’s Marie Fredriksson’s birthday! Read the full story...

Happy birthday, Marie!

All the best on your birthday, Marie! team

World Tour 2011: Sofia, Bulgaria – May 29 #29

Setlist 01. Dressed For Success 02. Sleeping In My Car 03. The Big L. 04. Wish I Could Fly 05. Only When I Dream 06. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio) 07. Perfect Day 08. Things Will Never Be the Same 09. It Must Have Been Love 10. Opportunity Nox 11. 7twenty7 12. Fading […]

“Speak to me” single is released!

“Speak to me” vinyl single was released on Wednesday, May 25th in Sweden. We can finally provide you with some photos of the cover and vinyl itself. Unfortunately, EMI Music did not pay enough attention to proofreading process and instead of correct “original” we got “orginal”, which makes the single really “orginal” item in your […]

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria

And since it’s Mother’s Day in Sweden today – happy Mother’s Day to Marie and Åsa!

Tonight Roxette plays Bulgaria! Rumor has it it’s sold out, again. 🙂

Still cute!

Nice. P.

World Tour 2011: Athens, Greece – May 27 #28

Around 4,000 people attended the very first Roxette concert in Athens, Greece. As there was heavy rain this day, many people decided not to attend the gig. “Way out” was skipped for the second time this week (hopefully the last!!!) and thanfully there was no rain during Roxette’s performance. Setlist 01. Dressed for Success 02. […]