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Marie drops lawsuit

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) – According to a telegram in Aftonbladet today, Marie Fredriksson has, in agreement with Expressen, decided to drop the lawsuit.   The trial was supposed to be held on Wednesday, but is now cancelled according to Leif Silbersky, Marie’s attorney. Read the full story...

Here’s some pictures from the video shoot… enjoy!      

So… yesterday was a big day in the adventurous life of the Son of a Plumber!

Video shot for “DJ”

STOCKHOLM – According to a message from Per at Son of a Plumber’s site they shot a video for “Hey mr DJ” last night. Read the full story...

New cover of “Fading Like A Flower”

An eBay auction led this reporter to the discovery of a new cover of Roxette’s “Fading Like A Flower” by the German group Discoblaster. Read the full story...

The contest! The winner! Anne from Mantorp, certainly a very nice person and a serious fan of drag racing (how can you NOT like a girl like that?)

“DJ” promo to be released

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) – Monday February 13 a promotion single of “Hey Mr DJ” will be released, to radio stations only. Read the full story...

On the Beat Revisited! Just came back from a sunny and very nice London and yet another visit to the record store where we shot the album cover.

New releases coming up. The first release will be released on iTunes only, and only in Scandinavia to begin with.

New Plumber releases

STOCKHOLM – Per has just announced that on April 3rd two new digital releases will come out, namely “Son of a Plumber (iTunes Edition)” with three extra tracks added; “Keep the Radio On (This is the Perfect Song),” “A Girl Like You” and “Plonk”, the two latter never before released. Read the full story...

“Jo-Anna Says” climbs above the clouds

COPENHAGEN – SAS Scandinavian Airlines has added “Jo-Anna Says” to its playlist of songs featured on the onboard music system’s “Scandinavia” channel. Read the full story...

The new date for the European release of the album “Son of a Plumber” is March 27.

New release date for Europe

STOCKHOLM – The album release date for Europe has been pushed back from March 6 to March 27. Read the full story...

Bad Hair Day strikes back

STOCKHOLM – Per's latest little project Bad Hair Day has struck again! This time Per wants to present his fans with a little Valentine's Day gift, so he has "released" a "single" consisting of the only two Son of a Plumber demos ever recorded.   Per presents it himself like this: St Valentine’s day, Feb 14 – 2006 Friends… let’s celebrate this wonderful and important day with some new jolly music! Read the full story...

St ValentineÂ’s day, Feb 14 – 2006 Friends… letÂ’s celebrate this wonderful and important day with some new jolly music!

Well, whaddayaknow, DJ enters the official Swedish Top 40 chart at #12 as “newcomer of the week!”

“Hey Mr DJ” enters at #12

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) – The latest single from the hit album “Son of a Plumber” (sold more than 102,000 copies so far), “Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song)” enters the official Swedish top 40 chart at #12 today. Read the full story...

Saturday Feb11, 2006… Stockholm calling… Howdy friends! Just came back from a very interesting couple of days in Italy and I felt like updating you a bit on whatÂ’s going on in my living room!

“Hey Mr DJ” to be first single in Europe

STOCKHOLM – Per Gessle revealed today in a new message on his website that “Hey Mr. Read the full story...

On public demand, here are some samples from the upcoming promotion single of “Hey Mr DJ.”

On Monday February 13 a 3-track promo of “Hey Mr DJ (Won’t you play another love song)” will be shipped to the radio stations.

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Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song) (CDS)