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Here you find 9 demos sent in from TDR readers from all over the world. These are actually almost 10 more than we expected to get and so we are very happy to be able to introduce you to these talents. Thank you very much to everyone who has taken their time to contribute to this project so far.
Please listen to these 9 demos carefully and also read the concepts for the songs that explain the idea behind the demos. You’ll find the poll after the demos, it will run for 3 days, beginning on April 15.


My vision for the finished song is a song that is a little bit slower than the Tourism-Version. It would work with strings. Maybe the end of the song can be a bit faster. I have a acoustic version in my mind. Computer sounds not included. I prefer a man singing the song. Maybe a duet while singing the chorus.


I would like the final version as a Power Pop-Rock song, using real instruments as much as possible, — real drums would be fantastic, not easy to get I guess, though –. I would love to hear overdriven and distorted guitars, some acoustic guitar, lots of riffs, electric bass (maybe slapping on some sections), some piano or synthesizers, and drums à la Micke “Syd” Andersson. Why not some strings? -IMHO, rock + strings would really ROX it!- For vocals, I would keep female-male combination, singing in accordance to the rock tone of the song. I heard some beautiful female voice on some of the demos, Disa’s I think, and some cool male voice from Andrei/Flo/Tom.


My vision is a rather electronic version of TWNBTS, a little like the Mono Mind remixes on Mind Control – ready for the clubsl. But there are definitely some non-computer-based sounds in it. We have Piano (maybe as the Intro) and electric, maybe acoustic guitars. I would be glad if someone had a good idea for the solo-part. But maybe we don’t need it – I think we can have a little distance from the original. We should add multiple singers. My Idea is to switch the male / female parts and bring some Autotune-styled voices in. And we have lots of harmonies to sing, so there’s Space for multiple voices, male and female.


My Version should sound like the Bassflow-Remixes (TSH, TSG. Speak to me). Modern, but with the dna from the original. It’s a synthesizer oriented version, but i would like to add some overdriven guitars into the refrain and middle8 part. It should be sung by female and male voices as in the original. But it could be also sung by 4 persons for example.


I think it should be a different version from the two original ones. We already have an uptempo pop rock song and an acoustic one. I thought a more danceable version ala Entering your Heart would be nice. Vocals should not try to compete with Per or Marie’s either. It should be an original performance not necessarily very beautiful. Regarding instruments, similar instrumentals as EYH an electric guitar with some drive for small arrangements as well.


My vision of the finished song is that it would still sound like a Roxette song acknowledging that their sound has of course evolved over the years. As it is an emotional song I would like to slow it down a bit and help the vocals bring out the emotion of the words. I would like strings to take centre stage to convey that emotion similar to songs such as wish I could fly, I don’t wanto get hurt etc. The song would still have a nice beat via the bass and drums. The into and solos would incorporate piano. The emotional vocals would be covered by both male and female vocals similar to the original. We would also build on vocal harmonies, especially for the chorus to make them big. The song would slowly build up from the intro and build up as it progresses adding new parts as it goes towards the end.


Our vision was to the deliver a recording platform that allows additional ideas while not drifting off too much from the original. This is also a version that we enjoy ourselves. Sort of a timeless approach. We want to keep most of the guitars, the vocals and the piano in the final version. Acoustic guitars, additional guitars, female vocals, new drums are just a few things that can be added. Maybe also more alternative mixes.


I had the idea to give the song a bluesy or Rock ‘n Roll feeling and keep it kind of melancholic. Intro: acoustic guitar as acompaniment, maybe add a pedal steel guitar or harmonica. Rock ‘n Roll / Boogie beat through the whole song starting with the first verse. (not too fast), maybe add a piano. Verse: acoustic guitar acompaniment + electric guitar. Prechorus + Chorus: acoustic guitar acompaniment + electric guitar or pedal steel, increase the beat to initiate the chorus (maybe a solo part harmonica or pedal steel ). Outro: slowly fade out ( acoustic / electric guitar or pedal steel). Voices: male not too deep, female as background.


//No comment from Disa yet.

Here comes your chance to vote, and as usual we have a few things to consider:

1) Please vote for the concept only, for the “idea” behind the demo. Do not judge the length of the demo, the quality of the vocals or the sound of the recording, these things can and will be exchanged in later stages of this project.
2) You can vote for up to 5 different demos, but you can only vote once, so choose wisely.
3) This poll will run for 3 days, beginning on April 15.
4) The results of this poll will influence the further development of this project but it will not be the only means of decision. We have also asked the contestants for their personal opinions in an internal poll and must consider the technical and musical background of the artists. For instance, if you made a great demo everyone loves but have no technical skill to produce the whole song then you’re still in the project but we need someone else to work the technical part. In the end, we’ll make a decision taking all these many details into account.
5) Please be kind and fair.

To be clear: We see that one of the contestants has activated their fanbase from another project. This isn’t a problem per se and not against the rules but makes it more difficult for us to determine the musical taste of the people who really care about this project. We are aware of this and are able to extract these votes from the final result later. We’re not looking for the one with the biggest fanbase but we want the best new version for this very particular song. So no worries, this poll will remain fair and the number of votes is just ONE of many details that lead to a final decision.

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Original post:

So, the poll is closed and the winner song is:

Things Will Never be the Same

TWNBTS is a very special song, it gained a certain meaning after Marie had passed away. The original version on Roxette’s Joyride album is a very produced track which leaves little room for improvements. Later on, during live shows, Marie and Per presented a toned down acoustic version we might start from.

So, what’s the plan?

Well, we ask you to make up your mind on how you would make this song sound like in 2020. We’d like to hear a new take on it. Country? Metal? Strings and piano? EDM? It’s up to you entirely. We’re looking forward to your ideas.

Here are some guidelines.

1) Please have an arrangement in mind that allows us to record multiple instrumental tracks for it and preferably more than one singer. This song sung by a lonesome bearded man with his acoustic guitar is, although nice, not the point of this project. Please make it possible for as many different musicians to take part of it. We’re not using the original Roxette recording but ask you to think of re-recording every element of the song, including the vocals.
2) The demo you hand in doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, we’re not looking for THE one demo but would like to combine ideas from the different demos we’ll get to hear. This is a community project. If you have no vocal track for the demo, this isn’t a problem as long as we get an idea of what your imagination for the vocal track will be.
3) The earlier you present your version, even if it’s still in a very early stage, the earlier we can all work on it. Demos coming in later will have a harder time to catch up with the then existing discussion threads.
4) At this stage, we not only search for the demo but also want to see who of you can serve as the producer of the song. So if your demo makes it to the top, you’ll also be the producer if you feel fit for it. As a producer you will, among others, do the final mixing and have more control over the arrangement. If things go  perfectly, we’ll have two producers combining their individual skills (and sharing work load).
5) If you don’t have the capabilities to produce a demo, feel at least free to enter this stage with your particular skill only. So if you think you have a great idea for a drum line or a guitar riff, just hand it in and others will pick it up.
6) You being the producer means you can still take part in later stages again and for instance record the track with your favorite instrument. Every stage starts from scratch.
7) We’ll try to keep the process of developing the final idea for the demo an open discussion for as long as possible. If we get stuck between two ideas or have to make bigger decisions, we’ll ask the audience by posting another poll. The point is to make the thought process visible for the “mortal” fan.
8) If possible we’d like to finish the process of creating the demo within a week or two at most. This demo will then serve as the base for the recordings of the various instruments and vocals.
9) Please use a metronome or a click track when you record the demo. It’s easier for others to find the right speed and for instance program drum loops to it.
10) If you have questions, please write us a DM on our Facebook page or drop us a mail at [email protected]. This is also the email we ask you to send your demos to, be it mp3 or a link to your soundcloud.

UPDATE: The first demos have arrived! Please check our Facebook site!

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