The Roxette headlines we want to read in 2015

FEATURE – For 18 years now, The Daily Roxette has been delivering our loyal readers all sorts of news, reviews, interviews and more! And now, as we excitedly kick off 2015, we anticipate another busy year for Roxette – but what will make the news? We here at TDR decided to sit down and draw up a wish list of the type of headlines (in no particular order) we would love to see published in the coming 12 months. Let’s have some fun! And remember, before any hysteria breaks out, these headlines are not real and are intended purely as fun!

#1  New Roxette album “kicks ass” – says everyone!


We have no doubt that the album will kick ass! But still, let’s hope for a big, bad-ass, classic but modern Roxette sounding album, with lots of Marie, lots of color and lots of up-tempo gems to make us sing and dance and maybe cry?


#2  Roxette to Tour for ANOTHER 30 Years!


Probably fair to say that by the year 2045, we the fans will allow Roxette to consider semi-retirement, but until then, keep the Joyride going…


#3  Live Concert to be Recorded at the Sydney Opera House


Biased? Maybe. But we here at The Daily Roxette couldn’t imagine a better setting for a brand new Live Roxette Blu-Ray/DVD! Honestly, who could?


#4  “Almost Unreal” performed Live in 2015! 


We all thought Per hated this one. Per denied it and blamed Clarence. Clarence denied it and blamed Marie. Turns out that Marie is the real culprit here. Fingers crossed Marie gives this another chance, remember she wasn’t a huge fan of “Dangerous” and now she apparently loves it! This is a HITS Tour and this is a hit… here’s hoping!


#5  Super Combo! Jonas and Chris on stage! 


“…Only When I Dream, I hear you, I’m near you…” – A powerhouse combination! Two completely different styles. Jonas; the meticulous master with the inventive riffs. And Christoffer; the wild man busting strings and literally making his fingers bleed! Combine these two styles and surely this will blow the roof off! The only objection we can see to this combo uniting on stage in 2015 is that the insurance companies might not cover the cost of the damage caused to the arena roof! We at The Daily Roxette are more than happy to pass the hat around to pay for the costs…


#6  Old Concerts from 1987-2001 released on Blu-Ray/DVD

 roxing (1)

Surely this is something no one would argue against! Wouldn’t it be cool to get full show recordings from the 2001 Room Service Tour on DVD? Or what about 1988’s Look Sharp! Live Tour? Or another Join The Joyride show other than the Zürich one? Not to mention Crash!Boom!Live!. That would be cool… very cool!


 #7  Leaked 2015 Set List! 


A wish-list! This could be fun! (Remember: not real.)


#8  Marie Releases Auto-Biography (in English)


Now wouldn’t that be a fascinating book to read!


#9  Wet Your Whistle with “Joyride” again! 


Trivial perhaps, but as discussed in a previous TDR article, wouldn’t it be great to hear a more classic live version of “Joyride” on the 2015 tour with the trademark whistling back again?


#10  “We were very drunk…” – An explanation for THAT cover! 


Resist the temptation to send us hate mail, we’re just having a bit of fun folks… but for some fans, it’s still taking quite a while to come to terms with that bus… that damn bus!


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January 6th, 2015

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