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The Per Gessle Selection is back with a surprise

It has been rather silent around Per’s wine business but just in time for this summer’s Gyllene Tider tour, he’s back with something sparkling new.

Folks, this is one of our infamous April Fools pranks. Every year on April 1, we're trying to come up with an incredible story that sounds too good to be true and in fact it never really is. Hope you enjoy this little joke of ours. Here's a list of almost all our pranks so far. Thanks!

+++ Of course you’ve found out by now that this was our annual April fools joke. Although we have to admit that we can imagine this idea getting reality. +++

As we have told you before, Gyllene Tider are going on what they call their ultimate tour this summer: GT40. Woohoo! And because Swedish summers are usually hot and sunny (except when TDR’s Swedish staff shows up) and singing along with thousands of other fans makes you thirsty, the creative team behind The Per Gessle Selection (Mr. G himself) had the fabulous idea to add a few more products to the brand lineup: Five different flavors of cider, the light, tasty, sparkling and refreshing apple wine. The drinks will be called “Gyllene Cider”. Yes, you heard correctly: “Gyllene Cider”, ha ha! Right in time before the tour, these five flavors will be available: Fläder (elder berry)/Lime, Äpple (apple), Päron (pear), Jordgubbar (strawberries) and Rosé. As the drinks contain not less than 4,5 Vol-% alcohol, they are bound to be sold through Swedish alcohol store “Systembolaget” only. Yet there will be exceptions: Per could, thanks to his good connections in the business, make sure there will be temporary “Systembolaget” outlets at some of the bigger gigs, like Halmstad, Göteborg and Stockholm, so you can have your “Gyllene Cider” fresh and cold even while you are at the concert. Fantastic! Woohoo!

Here is what Pear, sorry Mister Gee, told us about the developing process. “The boys and me, we were down in France to record our next album which by the way will be fantastic, I can tell you by now already it will be the best album we’ve ever made. In the evenings (for most of the boys evenings start right after breakfast) we got to taste French cider and it really improved our recording sessions in a way I rather won’t talk about right now but we decided that we wanted to share this with our fans. So we sat down and tried as many flavors as we could. Maybe you can tell by our Instagram account when we finally managed to find the best ones. Of course, we had to skip some, like licorice (which I love and I think I’ll have a few extra bottles made with this), vanilla (we know why we never let MP mix our drinks!) or plain water flavor (Nice try, Syd!).”

The beverages will be sold at participating Systembolag from July 1 to August 30. A commercial for TV will also be made, with the boys singing “Sommarcider hey hey, sommarcider!”.

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April 1st, 2019

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