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“The End”

HALMSTAD - This is it, this is "The End." "The End" is what the last concert was called at Örjans Vall in Halmstad, Gyllene Tider's final concert this tour. In total, over 492,000 (499,000 according to some sources) people have seen GT this summer during their 21-gig-long tour. This reporter assumes that the Gyllene boys are tired, because it was damn hard covering the tour!

  When The Daily Roxette came to Örjans Vall it was pouring cats and dogs, the rain started trickling at 5 and escalated to a downpour at 7, when The Latin Kings entered the stage. TDR had a little talk with Per Gessle at 7:45 (see below). During the interview, Mats "MP" Persson allegedly got sick of the rain and told the others that he would stop it. So MP sticks his hands in the air and shouts. The rain stops immediately. When TDR comes out from the interview at 8 the rain is gone!
  While the setlist didn't contain any surprises, the concert itself did. Gyllene Tider's members became "honorary citizens" of Halmstad 2004 for being such great ambassadors for the town for so long. Another amazing thing that happened was that Micke "Syd" Andersson confessed that he's been lying the whole tour through…

  The lie? He has been telling each and everyone that he's been traveling with his wife. Now he came clean and told us that she merely was his girlfriend! So Micke brought Helena on stage and proposed to her. Helena said yes! After that they sang "Min tjej och jag" together, although renamed "Min fru och jag" ("My Wife and I"), the proposal was a huge success.

  After the concert Sweden's Princess Madeleine came backstage and congratulated Gyllene Tider on a great show. Then the Golden Lads entered the semi torn down stage and had cake and champagne before the press. Anders sprayed the photographers with champagne…

  All in all… a great end to a great tour, by a great band.

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August 19th, 2004

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