The Daily Roxette Advent Calendar 2012: Face to face with Marie Dimberg, Pelle Alsing, Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist and…

Ho ho ho. Xmas comes closer, you know that. As every year, there is this well-known 24 step countdown. A day, a door. Yep, nothing new. Except…. you are a regular reader of The Daily Roxette. If you haven’t been one, you will become one from now on. Because from tomorrow on until Dec 24, we will give you a good read every day. Sometimes even two. Or more. What’s to come?

This summer, we (this is Justyna Bereza of the Polish Roxette page www.roxettepl.com and me) had the chance to meet four top members of the Roxette circus:

  • Marie Dimberg. She’s Per’s, Marie’s (and thus Roxette’s) manager. And not only this.
  • Pelle Alsing. The drummer. Famous.
  • Clarence Öfwerman. Producer, keyboarder, smiler.
  • Christoffer Lundquist. Universal genius and studio owner.

Altogether, we talked for almost eight hours. This is like you go there at nine in the morning and keep talking to five in the afternoon. And ask and ask and ask. We had prepared a few witty questions for each of them but actually we wanted to let the talks take their own directions. We wanted to show you the person behind the face you know so well. What’s she/he like in private? What’s their professional background, what do they think? You will find out that even for the people in Roxette, the world is much bigger than just 200 pop songs. We’ll talk about cats, dogs, mice, bicycles, hats, gays, men in women’s wear, different techniques to throw a tambourine off stages, late lead singers, missed chances, beer prices, touching noses during concerts and other weird stuff. Then, we will take a very close look at the famous AGM studios where the magic is happening now. Lots of photos to come, lots of interesting things to read, rest assured.

And we have a few more surprises up our sleeves. Stay tuned, check back here every day. If you feel like talking about what you will read here, please do so. We may even send your questions to the people we talked to, if you’re interested.

A huge Thank You goes out to Marie D, Pelle, Clarence and Christoffer who without any exception have kindly supported this project. They are really nice and friendly people. All of them. All texts you read here have been approved so you can be sure it’s true what you read.

And if you read carefully between the lines, you will get a very good idea of what will happen in 2013. You’ll see.

Kai-Uwe Heinze & Justyna Bereza

Tomorrow: Face to face with: Marie Dimberg. Part 1: “It’s very frustrating.”


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