“Can’t wait to put my hands on it”, for real: TDR’s Tour Book can be ordered now!

Good things come to those who wait, and the waiting is over now. The Daily Roxette is proudly presenting “Per Gessle’s Roxette – The Unofficial Tour Book 2018” as a real, physical, touchable hardcover book. Here are the details.

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It was only last year that Per Gessle took his band on a tour through Europe and The Daily Roxette sent their staff out to report and take photos of it. We then collected all these in a huge e-book which we gave to you as our 2018 Xmas gift. Our readers gave us an overwhelming response, the file (which is available for free even still today on our site, and that won’t change) was downloaded more than 2.000 times only in the first few days alone. So we got approached by many of our readers who asked if we could make a proper book out of it. Turns out that we can, and here it is.

It took us a bit to transform the digital release into an actually printable form, as it had never really been our intention to release it this way. It’s our very first book and we also needed partners first to perform the printing job properly. Some were too expensive, some used cheap materials but luckily we found one who turned out to be a Rox fan as well and offered to print the books on excellent paper with an outstanding hardcover for a reasonable price considering we won’t be going to sell hundreds of these books. They will be hand-made in Germany and shipped from there.

First of all, we are very happy about every single order of our book but rest assured we won’t earn any single Euro with them. What you pay goes directly to the printing facility, and even they only charge you what they have to pay on their own for the materials and external services.

Here’s the deal: For orders placed at the link at the bottom of this page before April 30, 2019, the book’s price will be € 56.90 excl. shipping. From May 1, 2019 on, the book can be ordered for € 59.99. The reason is that during the first few days and weeks, we expect a higher amount of incoming orders, so the printing facility can collect these, because of the bundled purchase of papers and ink on the wholesale trade they get better prices themselves and forward them to you. After some time, the orders will come dropping in less frequently so it all gets a bit more expensive. 

The book will have 410 pages, it weighs 2.14 kg and is about A4 size.

The Daily Roxette will have copies of this book printed and sent over to all members of the band, Per, BoJo and Marie Dimberg at our own expenses as a huge Thank You for last year’s tour. So if you want to have the same book Per, Helena, Christoffer, Clarence, Magnus, Ola, Malin-My and Andreas will have in their hands very soon, place your orders here:

I want a book
€ 59.99 on


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March 25th, 2019

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