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Space Station 12 – Per partners with BMG with new label

BMG Scandinavia have teamed up with Space Station 12, the new record label formed by Per Gessle!  The new label will release recordings by new and established artists.

Per Gessle says that Space Station 12 will be a home for strong musical personalities, brilliant songwriters and curious producers. “I’m really proud to have found a creative bond with BMG Scandinavia who work independently with experienced hearts and minds and put the music in focus.”SS12

Head of Operations will be Per’s (and Marie’s) long term manager, Marie Dimberg, who is also a co-owner of SS12.

Sanken Sandqvist, Managing Director of BMG Scandinavia added: “Per Gessle is an outstanding artist in a territory known for outstanding artists. We are excited to be taking this latest step into the recordings business with Per and his new baby, Space Station 12.”

BMG Scandinavia has 15 recordings releases slated for the first three-quarters of 2016.

At this stage, it is not known if the new Roxette album – scheduled for release this June – will be released by SS12.  TDR have contacted Per and will update this article should we get a response.

Exciting news though!

Check out the full press release! 


Per has confirmed that the new Roxette album will be released on Warner Worldwide and NOT on SS12

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February 23rd, 2016

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