“Small Apartments” due on DVD

A man is surrounded by strange events and odd neighbors in this adaptation of Chris Millis’ novel. The movie stars Billy Crystal, James Caan, Peter Stormare and Matt Lucas, to mention but a few. Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund’s indie movie about Franklin Franklin – “Small Apartments” – will be released on DVD February 19, while the blu-ray has been postponed about two months, according to Small Apartments’ Facebook page.

In addition to it being released on DVD in the US, the movie moves over to Europe March 22 when it will appear in theaters in the UK. Sony will discuss other territories “within 10 days.”

Of course you know that Per has written the music for the movie and here’s the soundtrack listed:

    Franklin’s Intro
    I Have a Party in My Head (I Hope it Never Ends)
    Franklin’s Theme
    Shopping with Mother
    Burned Out Heart
    Are You an Old Hippie, Sir?
    Making Love or Expecting Rain
    Waltz for Woody
    Week with Four Thursdays
    Something in the System
    Warm. Again.
    Speedboat to Cuba
    Late, Later on
    Something Happened Today
    Double-headed Elvis
    He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother

The soundtrack will be available on Elevator Entertainment vinyl, CD and digital download “soon.” While “Kurt, the Fastest Plumber in the West” is featured in some trailers, it’s not in the actual movie, neither is “Dixi.” We’ll see what ends up on the soundtrack and not. The only three songs featured in the movie with actual words are “I Have a Party in My Head” (over the end credits), “He Ain’t Heavy” (on the radio) and “C’mon” (girls stripping) – if you strain your ears! “He Ain’t Heavy” is obviously a cover of the song made famous by The Hollies.

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February 17th, 2013

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