Ruling expected next week in Malmstedt vs. Gessle court case

LONDON - It's now a period of anxious waiting for Stephan Malmsted and Per Gessle. Closing arguments were heard yesterday in the "stolen record" case. A decision from the judge is expected next week.

  If Malmstedt were to win, he could receive a very large monetary award and it would place into jeopardy the further release of any Roxette album that contains "Sleeping in My Car."

  Malmstad appeared quite satisfied after his closing comments in which he again claimed that the Roxette hit is a copy of his song "Jenny and I".

  But Per says he is not worried.

  Manager Marie Dimberg says "We guess that the decision of the judge will go according to what is the truth – that Per never heard that demo. Music experts have testified that the there isn't any likeness."

  After four days in the High Court of Justice, it is expect that the judge will take Roxette's side, writes Expressen.

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October 18th, 2002

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