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OBERHAUSEN – After six consecutive shows in Germany, Roxette played a wonderful show at the König Pilsner Arena in Oberhausen. The Daily Roxette was on the scene to report and managed to get a quick word with Per.

Although the concert wasn’t sold out, most seats were filled and the atmosphere was great. The audience seemed to know the words of most of the classics as they sang along in a loud volume. The front row was filled with screaming fans.

The show had a very energetic start with “Dressed For Success,” “The Big L.” and “Sleeping In My Car”, followed by “Wish I Could Fly” and “Only When I Dream”. After “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”, the words “Soul Deep” were printed in everyone’s eyes by bright lights high above the stage that displayed those two words every time they were mentioned in the song. The whole crowd turned silent when Marie started singing the first words of “Perfect Day,” which continued into “Things Will Never Be The Same.” For “It Must Have Been Love” the new backdrop was transformed into a million twinkling stars, setting the mood for romance.



The uptempo songs returned with “Opportunity Nox” and “7Twenty7”, which was one of the highlights of the evening. The solo turned into a battle of epic proportions between Chris on guitar and Clarence on keys. The band went with it and seemed to have a lot of fun there. “How Do You Do!” and “Dangerous” followed and then Chris traditionally started “Joyride” with a local tune. The first encore consisted of “Watercolours In The Rain,” “Spending My Time” and “The Look” and after a break the band returned to play “Listen To Your Heart” and “Church Of Your Heart” to bring the evening to a perfect ending.

After the show, Per was able to answer a few questions:

Great show! The new stage looks great! The curtains, lights and starlit background really help support the songs I think. This European leg of the tour is marching through Europe like a steamroller, how does it feel? We hear most of Germany is sold out?

Yes, the tour is going great. No, it’s going beyond great!!! Germany is not really sold out but almost. We’ve played so many shows in jolly Deutschland this year so I’m surprised there is enough people to show up at all!!! They, of course, make a big difference. We’re very lucky to have a fanbase that supports us here in Germany and everywhere. Priceless.

And yes, Calle B has done a great job with the set design and lights. It looks and feels fresh. 

Like I said – awesome. Can you reveal anything specifically new about 2rism? Everyone is of course really excited about the new release! Then we have the new version of Charm School of course.

No, not really. We haven’t finished recording T2 yet. However, it looks like it’s going to be 8-9 brand new songs. So I guess that’s good news.

And might there be any singles on there?

I think you’ll find 2-3 singles there. That’s my gut feeling anyway.

Sounds good. Marie certainly looks better and better for every show, have you discussed it among yourselves? What does she say, if anything?

She loves to be on the road. She loves being on stage. She loves to sing. She loves to perform. She loves being loved by all her fans. She’s doing a fabulous job and is, just like you say, improving all the time. Next year’s gonna be very hectic for Rox so we need and want her in top shape! I’m blessed to be part of her talent. Not to mention this band which is the best I ever played with. Some nights some songs are stunning. I’m proud.

Any special plans for this holiday season?


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The Daily Roxette was able to take an exclusive photo of the entire band just before they got on stage, which you can download as a desktop wallpaper by clicking the image below.

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