“Room Service” does poorly in Swedish reviews

Both Aftonbladet and Expressen have published reviews of Roxette's new album "Room Service".

  Expressen rates the album 3 out of 5. Expressen's Anders Nunstedt titled his review (roughly translated) "Effective songs and stupid lyrics". In his opinion Roxette is strong in making single tracks, but weaker in making albums. He admits that Roxette has not been in the critics' favor, but that the band still gets a lot of airplay. "And no-one can still tell us how that happens," he says. "The most recent example of this is of course 'The Centre Of The Heart' which is #1 on both Trax and the single chart."

  The lyrics of the songs on the album don't please this critic. "'Room Service' is as merry as the surface of the album booklet, and as flat as the plastic it comes in. Though you won't have a problem in singing along the songs for the rest of the year," Nunstedt finishes his review.

  Aftonbladet's Per Bjurman, who is known for his previous anti-Roxette comments, rates the album only 2 out of 5. He writes that "Roxette isn't finished… but the end is near".

  "Real Sugar" and "The Centre Of The Heart" are his favorites from the album, as well as "Milk And Toast And Honey" which he praises as "their strongest ballad since 'Listen To Your Heart' and '[It] Must Have Been Love'." But then, "everything else on the album feels like Gessle's creativity has gone dry."

  (Helge contributed to this article.)

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