Popcorn stars join raspberry hearts on “Hits” series CDs

STOCKHOLM – It’s raspberries and… popcorn! A star made of popcorn will adorn the covers of “The Pop Hits” CDs – joining the heart made of raspberries used for “The Ballad Hits” collection.

  With a star having played a central role in the cover art of many, if not most, of the previous Roxette releases, many Roxette fans expected that they would be seeing the star shape used for “The Pop Hits,” as a follow-up shape to the heart used for “The Ballad Hits.” And while blueberries were one of the options considered to make the star shape (raspberries and blueberries are often “partners,”), it was popcorn, with its obvious “pop” connection, that won out – even though “pop” as a musical term comes from the word “popular” (while popcorn gets its name from the popping sound; i.e., crash! boom! bang! pop!).

  Just as the “The Ballad Hits,” album as a filled-in heart, “The Pop Hits” will have a filled-in star, while the single, “Opportunity Nox,” has the star in an outline form (click on photo to enlarge).

  As an additional track, the single will contain a live version of “Fading Like a Flower,” recorded during the “Room Service” tour in Brussels.

(Thomas Evensson and i_jera contributed to this article.)

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January 25th, 2003

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