Per working on Swedish album and follow-up to Son of a Plumber

HALMSTAD - Radio Halland broadcast a second part of Per's interview on January 3. In the second interview Per reveals that he's writing for not one but two new projects; one in Swedish and a continuation of the Son of a Plumber project in English. He can't say which one will be released first. "It depends on several things, I can't answer that right now."

He's going to the US next week, to plug Roxette's new album, but also to get Plumber released over there. "I don't know why I end up in the US all the time, it's a big and impossible country… But then again, it was the last time as well so…"

Pelle, the reporter, also asks about the tour rumors, and Per says he's heard them as well. But the last solo tour he did, he put together no more than two months before the tour start, so no one knows at this point.

Regarding the 700th anniversary of Per's hometown Halmstad on May 31, Per says that he has gotten loads of questions to join in, but he doesn't like the date. "Doesn't it go on the whole year though? I'm sure we can get something together."

The interview is available on the Internet (it starts after approx. 14 minutes).

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January 3rd, 2007

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