Per: New Roxette album late next year, project with David Guetta

boothThe Finnish newspaper Iltalehti recently had an interview with Per Gessle. The insightful piece is written by a long-time Roxette fan Mari Pudas.

In the interview, Per reveals that a new Roxette album will be released “after summer.” A single will be released in early 2015.

Per also tells that since summer 2013 he’s been working on another project where he’s cooperated with David Guetta and Swedish DJs. The new material is modern and electronic, almost techno. “I wanted to challenge myself to write music in a new way and see where it leads.”

Per says that “the album has typical Roxette elements but they sound fresh” and that “he’s happy that they’ve moved on and not just repeating themselves.” It’s not entirely clear if he’s referring to the forthcoming Roxette album or another project. Anyway, Per already published a statement on Facebook that the collaboration with Guetta is definitely not about Roxette material.

In the second part of the interview Per talks about Marie and her illness – how she can’t see properly with her other eye, how she had to learn to read and write again, and how moving is difficult. “The fact that Marie fought her way back to the limelight and that Roxette is active again is one of my biggest fulfilled dreams,” says Per. “Marie is like an Amazon, she has so much willpower. I’m so happy that we’re able to work together and tour the world.”

Their previous tour started in Kazan, Russia in February 2011 and ended in September 2012. They had 130 concerts in 46 countries. 1.5 million people saw them perform live. Still, Per noticed that one tour was not enough for Marie. “She wants more and more concerts,” says Per.

Next week Roxette is starting their 30th anniversary tour. “The rehearsals have been pure joy. Marie is highly motivated and she sings fantastically. Mentally she’s just fine, but she has problems with her feet. Sometimes she doesn’t feel them at all and can suddenly fall. Then sometimes she moves just like any of us. Rehabilitation process is slow. But the longer we get with the tour, the better she feels. That’s how it went the last time as well.”

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October 26th, 2014

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