New Rox tribute band

Roxette’s recent and upcoming shows around the world prove that their classic hits are still loved by audiences around the world. Now a Dutch cover band called ‘Countdown’ decided to create a Roxette tribute show and start a small European tour of their own. “At first out of pure admiration for the creativity of Roxette and the pleasure to perform all those massive hits in one show”, says Marco ter Beek, lead singer. “Later on we became more and more enthusiastic, when we saw the reactions of the audience. It’s one big party!”. The band tries to stay true to the original as best as they can. “We have a lot of respect for Roxette.”, female singer Selva Arguello Paz adds. “They play and write for over three decades now and they go on strong. Roxette still brings their show with so much energy and dedication. We hope that we can transfer a large part of that feeling through our show.” Curious what they look and sound like? Check out the promo video they just released below.

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February 1st, 2015

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