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Hux Flux tour 2023, Eskilstuna: An old flame never dies

Let’s have a look at the tour so far. And Eskilstuna.

It’s hard to describe how this happens and even harder to explain how this came but the shows are constantly getting better and better. I mean, they had never been anything close to bad or so. It’s just so that you think “Yes, now, this is cool, this can stay like this” and the next night, they just add that little more to the show and you go again “Yeah, but now, now this is perfect” until you see the next show and so on. A bit of a miracle how the boys and girls on and off stage are doing it. Is it that the band needed to find trust in themselves after the years of hiatus? I mean, Gyllene Tider is a project that is being sent to sleep ever so often and then when you expect it least, like this year, they just come back and act like nothing happened. Cool stuff. 

So, what is it that makes the shows get better? The songs? There had not been that many changes lately except that Billy seems to be MIA in Copenhagen or Cologne now. While it is a nice song, it certainly interfered with the continuity of other uptempo songs meaning it may have been too slow for the show. The band? Yes, every night, there is a bit more of action going on on the stage. Everyone moves more, everyone interacts more. Especially the girls are now moving more often, I think. Anders comes to MP, MP dances a little. Syd stands up from his drumset, Per is walking all the stage anyway. I also think the light show has improved, I see more and more colors in the photos. But I could be wrong. Of course, the band now knows that their setlist works, that the audience loves the performance, you can see they are testing new things here and there, but it is all based on the confidence that this tour, this show is a great one. For real.

Eskilstuna was no exception, the performance was solid, the audience was happy and active, many hands were up in the air. The venue is the park of Sundbyholms Slott, a castle now being used as a hotel nearby a marina by the water, surrounded by fields. Lovely place. Anyway, this tour leads you to spots that are worth to be visited again with more time at hand. Maybe next summer?

While TDR is taking a small break from the tour due to real life duties but will be back early enough to report about the ongoing progress of the show, the band will now make their way through all of Sweden. We hope that the weather which had until now always been a topic for itself will remain pleasant. Of course it will be interesting to see if more songs will be exchanged or added. It’s good to see all the good old songs getting played as well as some newer ones, maybe even one more from the new album will not do too much harm. 

Personal favourites so far: Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig, Det är över nu and Leva livet.

See you soon again!


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July 19th, 2023

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