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  ★ Latest news

Gyllene is the band that ceased to exist in 1985, but has since been on three monster tours of their native Sweden, and released two full albums, among other things. Gyllene is on a hiatus right now. Their last tour “GT40” lead them through Scandinavia in the summer of 2019.

  ★ Biography

Gyllene Tider is a Swedish pop group. The name Gyllene Tider translates as “Golden age(s)”, alluding to Mott the Hoople’s song “The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Few Scandinavians would not recognize the band’s most famous song “Sommartider”, often played on the radio during late spring and early summer. The band is well known for its catchy choruses and light-weight lyrics about summer, teenage love and life in a small town in Sweden.

In 1976, Per Gessle met Mats Persson, a member of the band Audiovisuellt Angrepp, forming the duo Grape Rock. Later Micke Andersson, Anders Herrlin and Göran Fritzon joined and the quintet was born. The group’s name was changed to Gyllene Tider. In the following year, the band had become local celebrities in Halmstad for their Christmas concerts. Taking advantage of this they released their quite rare vinyl EP, Billy, selling about 900 copies. In 1980, the LP Gyllene Tider was released, becoming a huge success in Sweden. “Flickorna på TV2” (“The Girls on TV2”) was the album’s biggest hit.

The second album, released in 1981 under the name Moderna Tider (Modern Times), also enjoyed huge success, and was followed by a national tour. The following year Puls (Pulse) was released, with the hits “Sommartider” (“Summer Times”) and “Flickan i en Cole-Porter-sång” (“The Girl in a Cole Porter Song”).

The group tried to break through to the American market in 1984 with the album Heartland (a six track mini version of the album The Heartland Café released in Sweden) under the name “Roxette”; however, the album flopped, selling only about 8,000 copies. The name Roxette was later used by Per Gessle to name his successful collaboration with Marie Fredriksson. In 1985 Gyllene Tider officially broke up.

In the following years, however, a few Greatest hits albums were released and a number of reunions took place, in particular the immensely popular Återtåget tour of 1996. In 2004 the band celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with the first new album in 20 years and a big summer tour in July and August. The tour, called GT25, was a huge success, being the biggest tour in Scandinavia ever and the second largest of all time in the whole of Europe, gathering large crowds all over Sweden. When they performed at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg on August 7, 2004 during the GT25, 58,984 fans watched the concert live, breaking the record set by Bruce Springsteen, and the performance was later broadcast on TV4.

Gyllene Tider reunited again on August 14, 2010, as a surprise encore during Roxette’s concert in Halmstad, both bands’ hometown. They performed a three-song set, featuring the songs “Juni, juli, augusti”, “Sommartider”, and “När alla vännerna gått hem”, with Marie Fredriksson and the rest of the Roxette band joining them on stage for the last number. In January 2013, the group announced a new album and summer tour in Sweden, both called Dags att tänka på refrängen. The album was released in spring, the 19-show tour started on July 5, 2013 in Halmstad and ended August 10 in Eskilstuna. They were joined on the tour by singer Linnea Henriksson.

  ★ Recent releases

Dags att tänka på konserten (DVD), the latest studio album was Dags att tänka på refrängen in 2013

Gyllene Tider

Dags att tänka på konserten – Live Sommaren 2013

Gyllene Tider

Dags att tänka på refrängen (LP)
  ★ Tours and concerts

Nothing on the live horizon at the moment.

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  ★ Most recent news

Puls turns 40

Gyllene Tider’s ”Puls” turns 40! Yes indeed it does, even though it feels like a few years ago it was released.

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Gyllene Tider – Moderna Tider 40 year anniversary

Yikes, what happened? I remember succumbing to the album, hating it from the beginning, but Sweden’s only radio station P3, and Sweden’s only TV channel played the album literally back to back all day long so what could you do?

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Gyllene Tider – Live at Ullevi

Reviewing this concert is easy and then again not. It’s great to see the Golden Five again, but still it sort of hurts, knowing this is it. I didn’t go to the Ullevi concert, so it’s nice to see it here, in my living room. All the songs I know, and have sung, for 40 years almost. It’s been a good relationship!

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Gyllene Tider 2.019, the review plus And the winner is…

It’s been 40 years and some change. Gyllene Tider is considered one of the greats in Sweden, and rightfully so.

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Gyllene Tider shopping guide for Xmas 2019

It’s this time of the year again when “oops” suddenly it’s Xmas tomorrow, so here is your ultimate shopping guide. You’re welcome!

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Gyllene Tider 2.019 book contest

The Daily Roxette, in collaboration with author Anders Roos, will hereby hold a contest for the new and very interesting Gyllene Tider book – Gyllene Tider 2.019. This new book, which will be reviewed here shortly, contains all the information you need, and more! There’s even a few mentions of TDR’s tevensso! All you need […]

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TDR presents: Gyllene Tider GT40: The Unofficial Tour Book 2019

Last year’s book was a success, so we thought: Let’s make this a habit!

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GT40 – Live! – the review

Here we go, the final(?) live album. Gyllene’s fourth live album. Forty years and four live albums, not too bad.

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Farväl och tack Gyllene Tider!

As we prepare to launch our GT40 for 40 countdown, Paul says thanks to the 5 guys from the Swedish West Coast!

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Per Gessle: GT50? Sounds like an old single malt whisky.

The Daily Roxette: Hej there Per, first of all congratulations to this, again, very successful tour. First question first (where else?): You’re having a tight tour schedule, how big is your sleep deficit right now? Per Gessle: Hello you fool, I’m good. I was out of it for a couple of days when I got […]

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Gyllene Tider in Halmstad – It’s a wrap

HALMSTAD – What more can you say about this truly amazing ride? It’s been a joyride compared to nothing else. Not really talking about the 40 years here, even if that fits too.

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Gyllene Tider rocking Ronneby

Gyllene Tider visited Ronneby and is getting better and better

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Gyllene Tider skakade om Göteborg

Tänk dig att du ser tre småstadskonserter på en och samma gång, och att hela publiken är proffs.

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Gyllene Tider back in a small town – The concert after Ullevi

What happened in Kalmar won’t stay in Kalmar

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Gyllene Tider shook Göteborg

Imagine you’re seeing three small town concerts at once and the audience all are pros

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Gyllene Tider in Eskilstuna – a night to remember or When things go Syd

Usually, when things go south, all is lost. Yet, when things go “Syd” and he crashes the party, it saves your evening. Read how Gyllene performed in yet another small town…

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Karlstad: A small town band in a small town

Let’s have a concert review that is a bit different.

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Gyllene Tider conquers Stockholm – again

This isn’t really a review, since you can’t review the same show over and over again. At least that’s how I feel. This is more of a reflection on the latest concert.

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Gyllene Tider’s set list 2019

Let’s analyze the set list a little. If you compare this year to 1996, 2004 and 2013 you get a rather nice view over Gyllene’s vision. Right off the bat I would say all these tours have “Singles” in common. I’ll save that for a later date though.

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Halmstad 2.0

The concert on Friday didn’t get washed away, on the contrary, all of Halmstad was plastered with sun all day so it was a pleasant night.

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Gyllene Tider GT40 in Halmstad

This will be short and sweet, due to time and Internet issues! Gyllene Tider opened before a full Brottet venue.

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The end of an era

Gyllene Tider’s final album. Lots of fans doubt this, but I get the feeling it’s true. Sad but true. They’ve conquered all that’s needed, they’ve been on the absolute top for 40 years (give or take) and have nothing left to prove, to anyone.

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Gyllene Tider – Fluortanten – a review

It’s not every year you get a new single from Gyllene Tider, let alone a new tour! Sadly this is the last we’ll ever get to hear from them. Not the single, but the album and the tour.

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The Per Gessle Selection is back with a surprise

It has been rather silent around Per’s wine business but just in time for this summer’s Gyllene Tider tour, he’s back with something sparkling new.

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