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Media report about Roxette’s comeback – part II

Here are more links to articles about Roxette’s comeback: Thanks Chrissie: Collected from;topic=9138.0;attach=24335;image

Big interview with Per, 2 new Roxette tracks

There’s a big interview with Per on, mainly about the Party Crasher tour experiences. The band members promised each other to let this tour literary “never end”. Per will fly to NYC to get an US release for the album. Today I asked Per on twitter if Roxette aim for a whole album or […]

Party Crasher-DVD at the end of summer

According to Per Gessle, the Party Crasher-tour DVD will be released at the end of summer all over Europe and contain about 100 home videos. Per also tells that several live tapes from European shows exist and they (Christoffer and Per) are listening to them these days. Furthermore the audio recordings are supposed to come […]

NOTP tops ticket charts

One week after the line-up announcement, the NOTP tickets are found straight at the top of German ticket charts at Judging from the forum entries at the Proms audience is very pleased with our Swedish superduo as this year’s headliner!

Amsterdam bootleg

A Dutch fan, Joost, recorded Per Gessle’s Amsterdam gig from the 6th of May with Marie Fredriksson as a special guest and prepared a wonderful cover for this bootleg. The Brazilian Roxette site published an mp3 compressed rip of the recording which you can download following the link below: CONCERT (password: Or you can […]

Together we crashed the party!

Two days have passed and still the feeling of the Party Crasher tour is there. None of all Rox and related tours I have joined can compare with this one. It was special for several reasons. It was special because it was a club tour. I guess none of the concerts outside Sweden was sold […]

More about Roxette’s future plans

In an interview with dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad Per and Marie reveal a bit more about Roxette’s future plans beside NOTP. Now after the comeback announcement there are plenty of offers for concerts and tours, but Marie feels still unable to do a complete Roxette tour. One step at a time. Despite this limitations Per […]

Roxette is back – thoughts and feelings.

I (Judith) have had different thoughts in my mind since mid April. And I'm going to try to write them down. I (Kirsten) started spending too much time in front of my computer while other things need to be done. At the moment there's only one reason for it: the return of Roxette. It was April 18th when I was so bored that I started to play with Google. Some minutes earlier I had read Per's comment on Twitter which was like: "I wish I could tell you". He was asked about his plans for the fall. I knew something great was about to come but I couldn't imagine what. So there I was, sitting in front of my computer, looking at Google and typing: "Nokia Night of the Proms 2009", Roxette and got a result. I couldn't believe my eyes, but posted it in our forum. Somethin deep inside of me finally said "hello" again. It wasn't very loud but there it was again. "Roxette, come back? Dream?" When the German fans found out about the possible participation of Roxette in NOTP I just thought "yeah, then we'll just buy tickets for it, it will be cool!". Kind of a normal reaction. By then I thought one show would be enough. Some people bought tickets already when this was revealed, I thought "let's wait and see, maybe it isn't true in the end?". But my friend Kirsten kept saying she was sure. Actually I must say now, I was also sure, but for some reason I didn't want to believe it yet. Or some hidden part of my brain.heart didn't want to hope and then be disappointed.

Press writing about the Amsterdam surprise

Especially Swedish press published some nice articles about last night’s big surprise in Amsterdam. Some excerpts: Per about Marie’s reaction afterwards: “She was completely overwhelmed by the response we got. The audience had a big smile on their faces and the whole room had goosebumps”. There’s also rumours about another performance by Marie in Stockholm, […]

Roxette’s stage comeback on video!

What could make this fantastic day perfect? A rox-historical moment on video! Roxette back on stage together!!! First (blurry) videos from Expressen: The Look | It Must Have Been Love Much better quality from Youtube: It Must Have Been Love | The Look | The Look (HQ) More videos: Per and Marie after the show […]

Per and Marie dream about new Roxette album

A belgian TV report about the NOTP announcement shows Marie and Per dreaming about creating a “fantastic new album” together! Check it out at Youtube! Source: wilmpie_dimpie = Project_Z at TDR

Per and Magnus tell about NOTP impressions and Marie on stage

Per at twitter: “Busy day today in Amsterdam. Dutch media, photosessions, Swedish media. Soundcheck with Marie F in 30 min. Voila!” “Great press reception in Antwerp yesterday re NOTP. The world seems ready!!!” The latest from Magnus: “Soundcheck with Marie was super!” “In Amsterdam. Tonight will be special.” Source: |

Report about Roxette’s comeback at german people magazine

German TV channel ZDF will have a report about Roxette’s comeback at NOTP in tomorrows “Leute Heute” show! Check it out: May 6, 5:45 pm CET. Normally the shows appear online at ZDF Mediathek afterwards. Source: Update: The report is now available at ZDF Mediathek! Choose your media play and klick “Übernehmen”. As you’d guess […]

Photos from NOTP press conferance

More phtos from Night of the Proms press conference to be found here. Once again, we publish this link thanks to Project_Z.

NOTP setlist

According to Per Gessle, Roxette will perform their 4 US number one hit singles (The look, Listen to your heart, It must have been love, Joyride) along with “Wish I could fly”. Thanks to Project_Z for posting this on R2R forum – source.

Videos and pictures from press conference with Roxette

On BILD you can see a video including interview with Roxette. Recorded yesterday at the press conference for Night of the Proms. There’s also a video on YouTube. Project_Z user from R2R posted this link to more pictures. More videos: Part 1 | Part 2 Interview from

Something about comments and new users

Just wanted to clarify one thing about comments. Only registered users are allowed to comment. But: you can only comment after your first comment has been “approved”. Once this first comment from you is approved, then you can add as many comments as you want without any delay. That’s why some comments are not shown […]

Official: Roxette at Night of the Proms

So today the rumours about Roxette participating as main act at Night of the Proms has been confirmed, at 17:05 sharp. You can find pictures on NOTP Facebook’s page.

German radio station HR3 reports from the NOTP press conference.

Impressions she got: – The HR3 reporter was the first to interview Roxette after the announcement, to warm them up for two following TV interviews. – Marie looked beautiful but at the same time you can tell she was seriously ill. She needs a bit of help for stairs etc. – She often leaned on […]

Let’s bring Marie on stage in Stockholm!

As we heard yesterday Marie Fredriksson is going to be on stage with Per Gessle in Amsterdam tomorrow. But a lot of people already got tickets for the Stockholm show and expected Marie to show up there. Now it doesn’t really look like that and with this group we want her to know that we […]

Special radio show about NOTP tonight.

German radiostation “Bayern 3″ will run a special show about the “Night Of The Proms” tonight. The daily “Mensch, Otto” series will interview Dirk Hohmeyer, german NOTP tour manager, give information about the concert series and this years guests. Maybe it already contains excerpts from the press conference feat. Roxette… The show will run from […]

Roxette in Barcelona 2001

Completing the good news on a sunny day I can offer you a nice audio recording of the 2001 Room Service show in Barcelona. I didn’t know it and maybe some of you didn’t, too. Enjoy it! Enjoy it and get ready for the Proms! Thanks to neoangelus from the German forum for […]

Roxette are back

Finally confirmed: Roxette are back. Marie Fredriksson will perform with Per Gessle on his concert in Amsterdam on wednesday. ….“Tomorrow, at an official press conference in Belgium, they will announce that Marie has recovered from the illness that forced them to cancel their scheduled appearance in 2002. Seven years later,  Roxette will finally make good […]


As Japeke found out and posted in the Run2Roxette Forum, Roxette will indeed be part of the Nokia Night of the Proms. This is the way Japeke confirmed the news we already believed in since two weeks now: If you go to, and then click on germany, netherlands or belgium (Antwerp), just click on […]

HQ clips from Party Crasher Tour

Here are some high quality clips from Warsaw gig on April 22nd filmed by Blue_Girl and eteksor. Enjoy. Drowning in wonderful thought about her The party pleaser Wish I could fly 7twenty7 I have a party in my head (I hope it never ends) Listen to your heart Opportunity nox Doesn’t make sense Church of […]


I don’t know how you out there are feeling, but I feel like a teenager again. Ok, maybe not THAT extreme, but.. couldn’t sleep last night, can’t wait until tomorrow and Wednesday. I think I will cry. I think I would even cry now just with the thought… Just had to get this out.

What about NOTP?

According to Stephan Bodewig, the administrator of the Nokia Night of the Proms-fanpage on which we found the hidden source code information that Roxette is part of the 2009 proms, Per Gessle was seen with Dirk Hohmeyer, the promoter and organizer of the German Proms. They apparently met at the day of Per’s concert in […] opens its doors

So we finally decided to go public with This website or blog was born from the idea of wanting to have all events and news happening around Roxette in one single place, as a sort of archive. In the last weeks, with Per Gessle’s tour and the rumours about Roxette, there’s been a lot […]

Swedish Per Gessle’s parody

Robert Gustavsson did it again. After parody scetch on Idrottsgalan 2009 (Sport gala; watch it), he became Per Gessle once again – this time for Swedish UNICEF gala: Part #1 Part #2

Changes in the setlist

After adding “Sleeping in my car” to the playlist on Party crasher tour’s Cologne show (April 27th), now was a high time for Son of a plumber’s single – “Hey Mr DJ (Won’t you play another love song)” in Gent, Belgium (May 2nd). According to Per at, the whole show was a blast with many international […]

The Party Crasher to be released in UK on June 15

The CD won’t be released by EMI but Sony. “Miracles do happen!” told Per via Twitter. More at TDR

Interview with Per at SR today

At P4 Premiär, which starts at 13:00. The hosts will phone Per (we assume while he is in Belgium).  Don’t miss it! EDIT: you can listen to the interview here.  The broadcast is split in 3 parts, you’ll need to forward to the 2nd part, Per is right in the beginning. Thanks to Tomos85