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Per Gessle – Snowfish

What a day for a daydream!

Getting ready for the most charming Halmstad-show tomorrow with 5 hours of demo-recordings with Mister Persson at Tits & Ass. Getting pumped up! Love this feeling!

All the Rox shows are of course recorded for future thrills so pls shout your name into the closest mic!

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If you wanna know what we’re playing before the Rox shows, check this out: – and hey, there’s a Spotify treat as well! Enjoy!

/::/ Roxette /::/

Desktop background on now!

New Rox home vids out now on

Getting spoiled I guess…..

And over 16.000 two days ago… hmmm… forgot that….

t looks like it’s gonna be around 20.000 on Saturday. And almost 30.000 last night. There is a God.

Thanx for a great weekend!!! Sundsvall was pretty shaky just like a PREMIERE should be!!! The Smuk festival last nite was really really awesome. I’m so proud to be part of this!!!!

Did you see this?

Live Nation Sweden | Nyheter

Få nyheter och information om evenemang från och Live Nation International. Sök konsertbiljetter, turnédatum och information om evenemang.

Great dress rehearsal last nite. Marie in top form. The band kicked ass (after 4 songs..). The crowd was awesome. Hallelujah everyone.

Decided to do a Roxette Dress Rehearsal at Leif’s Lounge, Tylösand tomorrow (wed) at 10 PM. If you’re in the neighbourhood, pls come by. 600 tcts for sale.

Another great day rehearsing. Got a new pick-up on my red Gibson ES-335. Sounds superb. Wish I could tune the damn thing….

Yes.. I’m sure Jonas Åkerlund (who took this fab pic) won’t mind if I publish this…. Great twins/great car/great photo, right?

Check out Bea Åkerlund’s Facebook site and you’ll find a great pic of me with my favourite car + favourite twins!!! Scroll down the page!

Bea Åkerlund

New hot Rox At The Rehearsals video on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Here it is!

Intervju med en vis man!

Argsint upptäckare

Det är kanske inte säkert att du känner igen mannen på bilden ovan – men det är helt säkert att du har hört hans musik. Kjell Andersson är en del av den svenska musikhistorien. Frågan är om han hade varit det utan sin mytomspunna ilska.

Saturday info re the new Rox album: We’ll continue the colourful sessions after the six live shows. The release, most likely, will be early next year! And, hey, it’s sounds great!!!

Lots and lots of new pics at

Helena isn’t with us these upcoming gigs. New face/voice for you all: MALIN EKSTRAND. An excellent choice, sir.

Rox at the rehearsals: Chris & Magnus are trying out new stage outfits. Good God! Have you seen the Benny Hill show?

HOT HOT HOT brand new Roxette at the Rehearsals videos only at – Have a soda and enjoy!

Per Gessle – Snowfish


Another day of Rox rehearsals starts in 44 minutes. So many songs, so little time. The lunch is good too.

Ahh The Pop World…..

AFP: Plastic Bertrand admits not singing pop classic

BRUSSELS — Belgian pop star Plastic Bertrand confessed Wednesday he did not sing his 1977 hit record "Ca Plane Pour Moi" — nor any of the songs on his first four albums.

3 new Roxette BEHIND-THE-SCENES videos out now on – ENJOY!

It’s been tuff to visit the last couple of days. Sorry about that. Too crowded because of the Next Big Thing-competition I guess…. Or is it me?????

Start rehearsing again early next week. Yeehaa!

Getting pancake! New stunning Roxette home video out now on – HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, Y’ALL!

New Rox home video out now on

Per Gessle – Snowfish


New Rox-video from the Royal Rehearsals out now on – ENJOY!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

3 great chords, 2 good friends