En kväll för Marie Fredriksson in Gothenburg

GOTHENBURG – Around 200 specially invited guests and a few paying ones saw the recording of the tribute “En kväll för Marie Fredriksson” at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg last night.

The show was recorded by SVT for being broadcast on Saturday the 25th (also webcast.) In the very cozy theater Stora Teatern, finished in 1859, people like Göran Fritzon and Mats MP Persson from Gyllene Tider were seated. Writer Sven Lindström paid his respects, as well as Live Nation CEO Thomas Johansson. Also famous director Colin Nutley with wife and actress Helena Bergström were there, among many other famous faces, many of them friends with Marie.

It was an emotional night for everyone involved, the band, the choir, the stars, the audience, the invited fans, the friends. There were tears in most everyone’s eyes, including ours. Lots of beautiful renditions of lovely songs.

The show started with a young girl singing “Tro” all alone, and then the choir chimed in. Not a dry eye in the theater, let me tell you. After that the stars performed their chosen songs, with some segments recorded for TV in between. Christoffer Lundquist had made the arrangements. The artists on stage were also old friends of Marie’s; Staffan Astner, guitarist from almost all of Marie’s solo albums, Christoffer Lundquist, Dea Norberg, Helena Josefsson, Pelle Alsing, Clarence Öfwerman and Jonas Isacsson from Roxette, united again for the first time in a long long while. Anders Herrlin and Micke Syd Andersson from Gyllene Tider, but more importantly MaMas barn. Per Gessle was there too, but wasn’t in any other capacity than for instance Petra Marklund, more known as the performer September. A Swedish newspaper wrote “The old band member Per Gessle”… Old friends such as Eva Dahlgren were there, she sang a beautiful rendition of “Sparvöga.” Eva mentioned on Twitter that she was happy she has bad eyesight so she could wear dark glasses. Lasse Lindbom, ex-boyfriend, producer and writing parter who looked very sad, played “Ännu doftar kärlek” with a voice hurting with sorrow.

Some interesting trivia is that the mike stand on the stage was Marie’s personal one. A very sad fact. And when Per performed “It Must Have Been Love” it was maybe not meant to be, but when he stood there alone in the beginning with Marie’s mike stand empty next to him, it wasn’t hard to imagine his thoughts.

Another funny anecdote is when Anne-Lie Rydé was to sing “Dressed for Success” together with Sanne Salomonsen, they had to re-record it a couple of times, so Anne-Lie says with a sigh “I’m not 60 anymore…”

The show ended much too soon, but after all 90 minutes is 90 minutes. The band threw in an extra for the audience, a song that won’t be on TV – “Fading Like a Flower” with no less than three guitar solos. Jonas, Christoffer and Staffan all bent those strings hard. When the song was over the audience wouldn’t stop cheering or clapping giving standing ovations. The band was brought back on stage three times to take their bows. It was a perfect ending.

See it here!

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January 21st, 2020

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