Brainpool working on a rock opera

According to Expressen, the band Brainpool has been working on a rock opera for 6 months already. "The opera will be set in the present and will satirize and criticize the economy-centered society that has grown so strong during the last 12 months," says guitarist David Birde in Expressen. Birde is also responsible for the opera's libretto. The rock opera is due to be ready next year. The band is hoping that Philip Zandé would be the director. The music of the opera will be first released as a CD.

Brainpool is a guitar-pop band coming from Lund, southern Sweden. Brainpool was first "found" by Per's record company Jimmy Fun Music. Brainpool's members, especially bassist Christoffer Lundquist, have been co-operating with Per and Roxette since Per's solo album in 1997.

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June 16th, 2000

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