Brainpool releases greatest hits album, “lost” single

CDON lists a Brainpool greatest hits album due out on June 1. The album, titled "We Aimed To Please," contains various unrelased songs and single b-sides as well as a bonus DVD. The band's website has not yet been updated to contain information on the new release.

  We reported earlier about Christoffer Lundquist's record company Junk Musik which releases singles only in digital format over the Internet. They have revealed on their blog that they will release a "lost" Brainpool single next Tuesday, on May 17. The song was recorded while Janne Kask was still the band's lead singer. He left the band in autumn of 1997.

  Brainpool's main figure is Christoffer Lundquist who has participated in the production of many recent Roxette, Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider releases. Their drum player Jens Jansson has also played with Roxette and Per Gessle.

  Update (May 15): Junk Musik informs on their website that their music is now available on iTunes Music Store. The first album available for purchase is Brainpool previous release, the rock opera "Junk."

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According to CDON, the track listing of "We Aimed To Please" is as follows:

  1. At School
  2. Popstar
  3. That's My Charm
  4. Every Day
  5. Girl Lost
  6. Our Own Revolution
  7. In The Countryside
  8. Ready! Steady! Go!
  9. Holidays
  10. We Aim To Please
  11. Invisible To Her
  12. Bandstarter
  13. Smile
  14. Tomorrow
  15. Papercup
  16. Sister C'mon
  17. Here's A Boy
  18. In A Box
  19. Smallville
  20. My Sweet Lord/She's So Fine
  21. A Different Life (new song)
  22. Let Me Win (new song)
  23. Bandstarter (dvd)
  24. Girl Lost (dvd)
  25. Everyday (dvd)
  26. Tomorrow (dvd)
  27. In A Box (dvd)
  28. We Aimed To Please (dvd)
  29. My Sweet Lord/she's So Fine (dvd)
  30. Sister C'mon
  31. Bandstarter (demo)
  32. You Can't Be Serious (new song)
  33. A Piece Of Your Brain (new song)
  34. Medicine (demo)
  35. Probably (demo)
  36. Mrs Ross I Love You (new song)
  37. Stupid Boys/Stupid Girls (demo)
  38. At School+discography
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