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STUDIO UPDATE: Greetings from the xmas pudding!!! Everyone says Hi! /P & Chris & Helena

GOOD NEWS UPDATE: From RoxetteBlog:

Our friendly site Roxette En Rosario - Abril 2012 was informed by Warner Music Argentina that all copies of "Travelling the world" DVD with subtitle error will be replaced at no costs. All Argentinian fans who bought that edition, please go to your shop with purchase recipe and you will get a new one, error free version. (Or keep it to yourself as a collector item Thanks to Lionel Z. for this info! /Tomasz

Viva le hairspray!

Fotos von Roxette Official

Outstanding! /P.


Wow! /P.

Fotos von Roxette Official
Still growing... and still some missing. Anybody here who has a
black "HOUSE OF GUITARS" or a
white "HEJ DIN TOK JAG ÄLSKAR DIG" guitar pick left to swap??
Then feel free to contact me here on FB. I swap other picks or even records to get these 3 picks for my collection...

STUDIO UPDATE: Helena. Vocals. Chris. Vocals. Per. Coffee. /P.

STUDIO UPDATE: Helena, Chris and me are talking about important things in life, i.e. the great Falafel in Jerusalem, October 2011. Hard to forget. Enjoy the film! /P.

NERD UPDATE: Here you can find (if you stroll down a bit) lots of the stuff we're using while recording. Chris got a great collection of vintage muzik gear. /P.

Clarence Öfwerman -
Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone have any info regards Swedish Pop producer Clarence Öfwerman. I really admire this guy, to me Clarence is one of the

STUDIO UPDATE: Back on the vibrant AGM turf after two hours in the car listening to Joni Mitchell. Fab! /P.

Per Gessle – Tycker om när du tar på mej (Live 2008) –

Gyllene Tider – Sommaren 2013

Nu finns programmet ”Gyllene Tider – Sommaren 2013 på TV4 play för er som inte kunde se fredagens tv-sändning.

Guten Morgen! Xmas is creeping closer…

Per Gessle – I Wanna be Your Boyfriend (Bingolotto 2002) –

Gyllene Tider – (Hon vill ha) Puls (live 1982) –