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  ★ TDR Archive for November 26th, 2013

Roxette – Interview and Listen to Your Heart –

MY PERSONAL TOP 20 CHART UPDATE. Yes, Livets Goda is publishing these truly magnificent choices of mine in their December-issue.

I promised the editor not to go ahead and spoil the surprise here on FB. Sorry, folks. And it's not really my All Time Top 20-Chart it's just 20 very important songs you just can't live without on a rainy day in the sunshine. /P.

Do you remember when #PerGessle asked us about our all time fave Top3 songs at the end of October? Livets Goda was doing an interview with him and he created his all time fave Top 20, which will also be published in the magazine. Next issue is at the newsstands in Sweden on 10th December. /PP

PS: Don’t forget to share your Top20 on Facebook, too, Per! Thanx! :)

PS #2: The blue rectangle and the exclamation mark are not part of the cover. ;)

Knock knock! /P.

Roxette Knockin' on every Door Live
Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle are singing Knockin' on every door Live in Zurich. That song is from the Joyride album in 1991. Songlist: Hotblooded Dangero...

Oh my Gosh! Thanx Itti for digging deep!!!! /P.

Roxette MTV XPO 1989 -
Roxette on MTV XPO talking about Listen To Your Heart.

The Daily Roxette in the Aerosol Grey Machine Studio

If you're into Formula 1 (isn't everybody?), this is a brand new great interview!!! /P.

Formula 1® - The Official F1® Website
Whilst there’s endless debate about who can be considered the best driver of Formula One's current generation, few would dispute that Adrian Newey is the greatest technical mind of his. Now, having added another pair of championships to his already unparalleled CV, Red Bull’s chief technical officer...

STUDIO UPDATE: Just got hold of Sir Chris and yes, Mr Pill is alive! He has finally found his DeeDee-sneakers and is currently bathing in sweet new sounds we have recorded the previous weeks. The countdown has begun! /P.

Do you agree with the choices and the order…?

Think it’s time this one got another chance to shine as well! With updated sound, this could be epic now!

This one seems to be a popular one for Roxette Official to play on the next tour…

Who’d like to see this song brought back to the live set? Taken from Top Of The Pops UK 1994

Thanx Monica for reminding us! /P.

Roxette Neverending Love
Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle are singing Neverending Love. This is their first song and their first video they did together as Roxette. That song is from...

Aaah, the Blade Runner-look! /P.

Fotos von Roxette Official

Uh, The Look 12″ was banned from YouTube so enjoy this instead.

STUDIO UPDATE. Sorry to say, Chris is, according to his glorious wife, still pale and whimsical (more than usual?) and cannot find his Ramones-sneakers to direct him to the chair by the computer in the studio. studio this sunny Tuesday for us. Hopefully we can get going again before Santa is knocking on every door. Keep-keep-knock-knock. /P.

Per Gessle – Stupid –


Roxette – The Heart Shaped Sea MTV –

From the olden days, with an interview even.

Here we go again.

Roxette MTV XPO 1989 –

Roxette tour announcement MTV 1989 –

Roxette – The Look –

Per Gessle – Sommartider –