Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? – world premiere


Please enjoy these snippets from Roxette’s new single “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” Addeboy vs. Cliff remix. Courtesy of Warner Music. The digital and physical release is November 4, and as previously revealed, the single contains four tracks; “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” Addeboy vs. Cliff, Patrick Jordan and original mixes, plus the Sing Sing version of “From a Distance”.

Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? Addeboy vs. Cliff


From a Distance. Sing Sing.

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Thomas Evensson

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November 2nd, 2016

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  • Borys Rodriguez

    Love it! ❤️

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Yes, it’s a lovely update! We like it here too!

  • Bonta-kun

    Oh wow. AvC transformed ‘Flowers’ completely. I wish that version had been on the album. Those two kick Sebastien Drums up in the air – he absolutely mangled Some Other Summer.

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    I got my copy today and I love ? it!

    • Stevo Petkovic

      enjoy 🙂

  • Ettexor

    wow!! great work congratulations 😉

  • RobS

    I think I like 🙂

    I don’t agree it should’ve been the album version though. Too much of a departure from a classic sound. But as a remix for a single version – awesome stuff!!

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Addeboy v Cliff know what they’re doing for sure!

  • Ignasi

    Both versions make me think of the “Have A Nice Day” sessions. Great!

    • Stevo Petkovic

      That can only be a good thing 😉

  • Rene

    Great remis of a brillant Song

  • cylon8

    more proof the 80’s never die any good rox remix is an 80’s vibe shockingly i like the remix i wanna hear the full sing sing version of from a distance

  • silviabräutigam

    Danke für eure neue song, ich habe alle angehört hören sich sehr gut an von Marie Fredriksson und Per Gessel Bitte macht weiter schöne song,

  • RoXoR

    Wow… That was unexpected! The Addeboy vs. Cliff Remix is already gorgeous but the Patrick Jordan Mix is also really really nice! In the beginning it has something accoustic-like that brings out Marie’s vocals really nice… so nice!

  • `